2022 COP Donation Derby


Congratulations to the winner of the 2022 Donation Derby, LICOP!

Donation Derby Winner: Liver and Intestinal Community of Practice

The 2023 Donation Derby will begin in October 2023.

How it works

The COP Donation Derby helps your COP(s) fund their initiatives, projects, and events. 

  • There are two winners: 
    • The COP that raises the largest dollar amount
    • The COP that has the largest percentage of member donations
  • All COPs keep 50% of the donations they raise. COPs with a participation rate of 10% or higher receive 75% of the donations they raise. The remaining funds will help the AST program of your choice.
  • You must LOG IN to have your donation count toward the Donation Derby. You will be able to allocate your donation on the donation page. You may allocate your donation to specific COP(s) on the donation page.
  • If you have any questions about the Donation Derby, please contact your staff liaison. 


Donation Derby - By Percentage of Member Donations 

Donation Derby


Donation Derby - By Total COP Donation Amount

Donation Derby

*The charts above represent an estimate of funds only. 

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