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Many in our community have dedicated significant time, research, and thought to the best way to allocate donor organs fairly to patients across the country. However, geographic factors often introduce undesirable anomalies into our organ...

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AST Webinars

AST offers two distinct webinar series of interest to transplant professionals: the Timely Topics in Transplantation series and the Education and Clinical Tools for the Independent Living Donor Advocate series. Visit the webinars section for more information and to register!


AST offers several publications such as the American Journal of Transplantation (AJT), a top-ranked journal in the field, and the AST Primer on Transplantation, and The AST Handbook of Transplant infections, two new publications that provide guidance for the next generation of transplant professionals. Read more...

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Research grant funding opportunities are available through the AST Transplantation and Immunology Research Network, or TIRN. There is a brief introduction to TIRN on the AST website, but we encourage you to visit the TIRN website for more details, and to apply for open grant funding opportunities. 

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