Graduated Dues Program for Trainee Members

The AST recognizes the cost challenge of paying annual membership dues for a Trainee member transitioning to Full or International member status.  In order to ease the transition, the AST offers a 3-year graduated dues program for Trainee members transitioning to Full member status, as a result of either completing their training or concluding eight years as a Trainee member.


The below chart details the rates and subscription benefits associated with the graduated dues program. Please contact the AST National Office with any questions or concerns anytime. 

Membership Type

Annual Dues




Online AJT available for reduced $60 fee

Year 1 ~ Full Doctoral



Online AJT available for reduced $60 fee

Year 2 ~ Full Doctoral***



Online AJT included

Year 3 ~ Full Doctoral



Printed and online AJT included

* 8 year limit.

** International price available to members residing outside North America.

***After Year 1, Full Non-Medical Doctoral members graduate to that category at $250 yearly dues.