Laurence A. Turka, MD

I am board certified in Internal Medicine and in Nephrology. I would classify myself best as a Transplant Immunologist.
Graduated From: 
Yale University School of Medicine; Fellowship at Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Current Position: 
Harold and Ellen Danser Professor of Surgery, Professor of Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School
Current Projects: 
PI3-kinase pathways in Treg homeostasis and stability,  Functions of MyD88 in T cells,  Development of antigen-specific Tregs for clinical use
What made you decide to work in transplantation?: 
When I was a fellow, I had the privilege of calling patients who were first on the list to tell them they were going to get a kidney transplant.  I’ll never forget how thrilled they were and how exciting it was to be able to tell them.
What do you find to be the most valuable aspect of your work?: 
Bridging the gap between basic science and the clinic.
Fun Facts: 

I know how to juggle.