Linda Ohler, MSN, RN, CCTC, FAAN, FAST

Thoracic Transplantation, Education, Quality, Regulations
Graduated From: 
MSN from The Catholic University of America, Washington, DC
Current Position: 
Associate Director, Quality, Regulatory and Education NYU Langone Transplant Institute
Current Projects: 
Currently working as a member of the AST Antibiotic Stewardship Group and working on our White Paper;  Founding Faculty Member of the Transplant Quality Institute; Teaching Certification Review Courses for Nurses; working with the nurses in Sao Paolo Brazil to establish the Nurse Practitioner role. 
What made you decide to work in transplantation?: 
I was teaching in graduate school at The Catholic University of America and my graduate students were writing papers on cardiovascular nursing projects.  Two of my students were heart transplant coordinators at Johns Hopkins University and Inova Fairfax Hospital.  Their papers were so interesting to me.   The student from Inova Fairfax Hospital was moving to Boston after graduation and asked if I would fill in as a coordinator for the summer while Inova found her replacement.   Fell in love with the role and resigned my faculty position to become a full time heart, VAD and lung transplant coordinator. 
What do you find to be the most valuable aspect of your work?: 
Working with so many clinicians committed to this complex patient population and striving to make their lives better and longer has been a real job satisfier for me.  When CMS intervened with rules and regulations, I became involved in adding structure to transplant programs and found this to be a great way to help ensure various aspects of patient safety.
How have you served AST?: 
Since the early 1990’s I have served on AST committees, including Education, Communication, Newsletter, ATC Program Committee, and CEoT Program Committee.    I have also been involved with several Communities of Practice and am currently on the Executive Committee for Transplant Administrators and Quality Managers COP;   AST committees continue with multidisciplinary team work outside the hospital setting and I am able to collaborate with professionals on a national level.
Fun Facts: 
I have been a devoted fan of the New York Giants since I was 10 years old.