Nicole Theodoropoulos, MD

Infectious Diseases
Graduated From: 
University of Massachusetts Medical School, MD; Brown University/Rhode Island Hospital Internal Medicine Residency; Northwestern University Infectious Diseases Fellowship; Northwestern University Masters of Science in Health Services and Outcomes Research
Current Position: 
Assistant Professor at The Ohio State University until April 17, 2016; Assistant Professor at the University of Massachusetts starting May 2016
Current Projects: 
My primary work involves evaluating the yield and outcome of screening deceased organ donors for HIV, hepatitis B and C with nucleic acid tests.
What made you decide to work in transplantation?: 
I rounded with our Transplant ID physician in medicine residency and immediately loved the multidisciplinary aspect of the job. I found the patients so interesting and fell in love with the field!
What do you find to be the most valuable aspect of your work?: 
I am always humbled by how much transplant recipients go through before they are given the gift of an organ. It is a privilege to be able to educate them on infection prevention, to help them avoid post-transplant infectious complications, and to treat them for complications when they do occur. As ID consultants, we see patients at every stage of the transplant process and often play an integral role in improving outcomes and that is certainly valuable.
Fun Facts: 

I love music and spend much of my free time listening to live music. I have traveled far to see some of my favorite artists and even met Bruce Springsteen!