Transitions and Other Year-End Thoughts

This year’s ATC in Boston was an overwhelming success in terms of attendance and quality of presentations, but even more for the positive “buzz” regarding the future of our field that seemed to permeate almost every session. I hope many of you were able to attend our 30th Anniversary Celebration, June 4th. If you were there, you would have heard how healthy our society is after 30 years, with over 3000 members, sound financial footing, and ready to address the new challenges ahead. You could have watched Roz Mannon effortlessly assume the gavel as our new President for 2012-13. Unfortunately, you would have missed the final afternoon (June 1st) of the Board of Directors meeting, the time in which Committee, Advisory Council, and COP Chairs present plans for the coming year. Never have I been so aware of the depth, breadth, and talents of those within our society! Almost to a person, each constituency outlined bold new approaches to help move transplantation forward. You guys are an impressive bunch!

AST leadership will miss Maryl Johnson, Michael Green, Dianne LaPointe Rudow, David Cohen, Marisa Alegre, and Tony Jevnikar, all of whom will continue to serve the society and field in other ways. We welcome Dan Salomon, Kim Brown, Anil Chandraker, Rita Alloway, Dianne McKay, and Michael Ison to the Board. I happen to know (her office is next door…you know, the Birmingham cabal…) that Roz is already dealing effectively with significant issues with her usual skill and aplomb. It’s going to be a great year for AST and transplantation. Watch This Space!

Well, the year is over…it was my honor and privilege to serve as your President…to initiate this blog. Thanks for the opportunity. To the next 30 years of AST!

Robert S. Gaston, MD

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