Audit Committee

Staff Liaison: Mike Boudreau

Chair: Gene Ridolfi

Past Chair: Lisa Potter

Co-Chair: Craig Shadur

Board Liaison: Rich Formica

John Dickerson

J. Harold Helderman

Sheri Krams

2018-2019 Initiatives

  • Ensure that the auditing firm has the requisite skills and experience to carry out the auditing function for the AST and that its performance is carefully reviewed
  • Meet with the auditor to review the annual audit and recommend its approval or modification to the board. The board will also review the audit and the audit committee’s report and recommendations.
  • Ensure that the lead auditing firm, or at least the lead engagement partner, is rotated every five years
  • Require the auditing firm to disclose to the audit committee all critical accounting policies and practices used within management as well as share any discussion with management about those policies and practices
  • Monitor any legislative changes to the current Sarbanes Oxley Act with the Public Policy Committee
  • Review the AST’s Form 990 in compliance with new IRS best practices for 501 C 3 organizations. The audit committee will then make recommendations to the board for approval or approval with revision
  • Review SSAE 16 report for Brown Brothers Harriman and any other future significant relationships