About AST

Education Committee

Staff Liaison: Randy Young

Chair: Leonardo Riella
Co-Chair: Martha Pavlakis
Past Chair: Julie Yabu
Board Liaison: Nicole Turgeon
Maria-Luisa Alegre
Tarek Alhamad
Harini Chakkera
Vikas Dharnidharka
Daniel Kaul
Jon Kobashigawa
Josh Levitsky

2017-2018 Goals

  • The committee expects to plan eight Timely Topics in Transplantationwebinars to start in January 2017.
  • The committee will explore areas for improvement, e.g. more detailed analysis of participation patterns, varied marketing, etc.
  • The topics will be decided with COP feedback and will be presented to the board for approval when compiled.
  • Guide Communities of Practice in identifying educational needs and gaps, and identify gaps in areas not covered by COPs.
    1. The committee proposes a streamlined version of the educational needs assessment survey in Q1 2017, the goal of which is to identify areas where members need more education.
    2. The COPs will be responsible for their own subject matter areas, with the committee unifying the effort to capture responses from members who are not in a COP.
    3. When evaluating activity proposals (see below), the committee will ensure that activities meet identified needs/gaps, and that activities are carried out in alignment with member preferences indicated in the needs assessment.
  • Oversight of educational activities of the Society including tracking, providing input, evaluating, and recommending continuation or discontinuation
    1. Oversight will be facilitated in these primary ways:
      1. Monitoring of a master spreadsheet of educational activities, and increasing communication among AST staff, COP leaders, and the Education Committee
      2. Continual “advertisement” of the official activity proposal process
      3. Review final reports from organizers to evaluate success of each program
    2. Specifically for the AST/AJT Journal Club, the Education Committee approves requests for journal club sessions by COPs
    1. Patient education materials
      1. The committee will evaluate the results of the needs assessment and other sources of patient education materials available and make a recommendation to the board on AST’s role in creating/providing patient education materials going forward.
      2. The committee may request the formation of a work group if needed.
    2. Transplant in 10 (or Less) – short video concept
    1. Dependent on the success of the pilot, the committee wishes to expand the short-format education concept to include higher production value live video segments, self-filmed segments for faster turnaround on topics with a shorter shelf-life, and illustrated videos.
    2. Discuss and develop better ways to evaluate the effectiveness of educational activities
    3. Improve consumption of existing AST educational activities by continually improving the AST Education area of the website and promoting the offerings
    4. Review educational content on myAST.org and suggest updating or removal