Bylaws: Article IX


SECTION 1. Any Executive Commitee member of this Society, Councilor-at-Large, or member of a committee who shall miss three consecutive properly called meetings of the Council or of a committee without a substantive reason shall be considered to have submitted a letter of resignation from the Council or such committee. The vacated position shall be filled as stipulated in Articles IV, V, or VI of these bylaws, as applicable. In case of dispute as to whether absence has been excused by a substantive reason, the issue shall be resolved by a majority vote of the Council or such committee concerned.

SECTION 2. Any officer appointed by the Council pursuant to Article V, Section 7 of these bylaws may be removed at any time by a majority vote of the Council with or without cause. The vacated position may be filled as stipulated in Article V, Section 12.6 of these bylaws.

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