Bylaws: Article VI


SECTION 1. Committees may be created by the Council or as set forth in these bylaws. Committees created by any other means shall not be recognized as representing the Society.

SECTION 2. Each Committee shall consist of at least one Council member and such other Full, International, Trainee or Emeritus Members of the Society as selected by the Council. All Committee members shall serve at the pleasure of the Council. The term of appointment and committee structure shall be prescribed by the Council. Committees shall consist of sufficient numbers of persons to fulfill the mandates of the Council.

SECTION 3. Minutes shall be kept of all Committee meetings.

SECTION 4. Except where otherwise stipulated by the Council, positive actions of all committees shall be taken by a simple majority of such committee's members present and voting, and any number of such committee's members greater than one-third of the committee's total membership shall constitute a quorum or, for committees with total committee membership fewer than nine members, three committee members shall constitute a quorum. Actions of all committees shall be subject to review and approval by the Council.

SECTION 5. There shall be a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee to advise the Council on developing organization-wide strategies, programs, and policies to achieve a culture of diversity and equity within the Society.


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