Bylaws: Article VIII


SECTION 1. No Executive Committee member, Councilor-at-Large, or committee member shall vote on any matter that would involve him/her in a conflict of interest.

SECTION 2. Whenever an Executive Committee member, Councilor-at-Large, or committee member has cause to believe that a matter to be voted on would involve him or herself in a conflict or possible conflict of interest, he or she shall announce the conflict or possible conflict of interest and shall abstain from voting on the matter.

SECTION 3. Any other member of the Council, committee or membership may raise a question of conflict of interest or possible conflict of interest with respect to any officer, Councilor or committee member present. The question of whether an actual conflict of interest exists shall be decided by a majority vote of the body involved in the matter--the Council or a committee. Decisions of committees on conflicts of interest are subject to review by the Council and shall be matters of permanent record.

SECTION 4. No contract or other transaction between the Society or any other corporation shall be affected or invalidated by the fact that any one or more of the Councilors is or are interested, or is a director or officer, or are directors or officers, of such other corporation, and any Councilor or Councilors, individually or jointly, may be a party or parties to, or may be interested in, any contract or transaction of the Society, or in which the Society is interested; and no contract, act or transaction of the Society with any person or persons, firm or association shall be affected or invalidated by the fact that any Councilor or Councilors is a party or are parties to or interested in such contract, act or transaction, or in any way connected with such person or persons, firm or association, and each and every person who may become a Councilor is hereby relieved of any liability that might otherwise exist from contracting with the Society for the benefit of himself or any firm or corporation which he may be in any way interested.


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