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2016-2017 Executive Committee

Staff Liaison: Rae Massi

Chair: Jennifer Lai, MD, MBA
Co-Chair: Helen Te, MD
Past Chair: David Foley, MD, FACS
Board Liaison: Josh Levitsky, MD, MS
Erin Spengler, MD
Elizabeth Verna, MD, MS
New at-large member TBD
Trainee: Veeral Ajmera, MD

2016-2017 Initiatives

  • Continue active engagement of membership, public policy/advocacy, and education subcommittees and the Hub workgroup to engage the COP and encourage active participation.

    • Subcommittees will meet via teleconference at a minimum of every 8 weeks

    • Will solicit from the COP responses to public policy documents through the Hub

    • Each member of the executive committee to recruit new AST/LICOP members via individual e-mails 

  • Will submit a minimum of three liver and intestine proposals to ATC 2017.

    • Will solicit ideas for ATC programs from the COP through the Hub.

  • Prepare the two following white papers:

    • HCV Webinar for the treatment of liver transplant recipients and non-liver transplant recipients
    • White Paper on Liver Transplantation in the Morbidly Obese 
  • Continue to develop the education, public policy, and membership initiatives of the LICOP so that they align with AST mission statement.
  • Grow membership through incentive based program using LICOP funds. 
    • Will actively recruit LICOP members to these subcommittees at annual business meeting at ATC.
  • Will send out an annual survey to LICOP to assess education topics of greatest interest/gaps in knowledge
  • Will maintain and grow on line library on the LICOP Hub.
    • Every member of the LICOP executive community will contribute at least 1 article to the library.
  • Will nominate a member to the AST Board, to other committees within AST, and for AST awards
  • In-person AASLD meeting annually
  • Will provide monthly updates to the COP through posting of approved EC minutes on the Hub