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2017-2018 Executive Committee

Staff Liaison: Anne Kreiss (

Chair: Jennifer Lai (2018)
Co-Chair: Helen Te (2018)
Past Chair and Board Liaison: David Foley (2018)
Jacqueline O'Leary (2018)
Erin Spengler (2018)
Elizabeth Verna (2018)
Trainee: Yuval Patel (2018)

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2017-2018 Initiatives

  • Actively engage members of the AST community at large through membership, public policy/advocacy, and education subcommittees
  • Actively recruit new membership
  • Submit a minimum of three program proposals for ATC 2018
  • Develop at least one idea for a guideline/white paper that serves the interests of the LICOP and AST at large
  • Formally evaluate activities of the AST LICOP semi-annually to ensure that the LICOP is engaging in activities that are aligned with the AST mission statement and strategic plan
  • Conduct a survey of LICOP members to assess education topics of greatest interest/gaps in knowledge
  • Continue to encourage posting of resources to the COP online library
  • Submit at least one nomination of AST Board/other leadership positions within AST
  • Submit at least one nomination for AST awards
  • Host an in-person meeting at a meeting outside of ATC (either AASLD, CEOT, or ILTS)
  • Actively engage the LICOP community through posting of challenging clinical cases on the Hub
  • Develop and submit to the AST Board a proposal for a trainee/junior faculty recruitment initiative through a formal mentoring program
  • Post monthly minutes from LICOP EC meetings on the Hub