Community of Practice Executive Committee Elections: 2016-2017

COP Executive Committee Elections are open for 2016-2017!

Please be sure to vote in the election for leaders (Co-Chair and/or Committee Members-at Large) of your Community of Practice Executive Committees. Simply click on the link to one or more of your COPs below.

You will be prompted to enter your AST Website user name and password if you are not currently logged in to the website. Please note that voting is only open to the members of each COP.

The Kidney Pancreas and Transplant Regenerative Medicine COPs will not hold elections for 2016. Elections will be held for these two COPs next year.

All votes must be cast by Friday, April 29, 2016.

Community of Basic Scientists (COBS)

Infectious Disease (IDCOP)

Live Donor (LDCOP)

Liver and Intestinal (LICOP)

Pediatric (PCOP)

Psychosocial (PSCOP)

Thoracic and Critical Care (TCC COP)

Trainee and Young Faculty (TYF COP)

Transplant Administrators (TxAdmin COP)

Transplant Diagnostics (TxDx COP)

Transplant Pharmacy (TxPharm COP)

Women's Health (WHCOP)