Education Newsletter - September 2017

Dear AST Members,

In this month’s newsletter from the AST Education Committee we would like to highlight few past webinars and Journal Clubs:

 Dr. Formica presented the new rules of liver-kidney allocation that were rollout on August 10th (moderator: Gena Boyle), covering 3 main topics:

  • Simultaneous Liver-Kidney Medical Eligibility Criteria
  • Liver-Kidney Allocation Rules
  • Kidney “Safety Net” Match Classification: in this rule for example, patients that developed ESRD after getting a liver transplant have the opportunity to qualify for subsequent kidney transplant within the first year of liver transplant. This rule protects the patient in case unexpected deterioration of kidney function occurs after transplant.

The Q&A at the end are particularly helpful to clarify some points such as how to deal with fluctuations of creatinine and frequency of creatinine testing while listed. 

Precision medicine is becoming a reality with the potential to help better risk stratify and treat transplanted patients. Alexander Loupy discussed his recent findings of gene expression profiling for the identification and classification of antibody-mediated heart rejection that was published in Circulation (moderator: Dr. Kobashigawa). Minnie Sarwal presented a thorough review of biomarkers and the integration of bioinformatics in kidney transplant care. This session was moderated by Dr Yabu. 

Deciding what to do with immunosuppression in the setting of infection or malignancy is a challenge. Dr Brennan reviewed the literature on immunosuppressive strategies in those settings in transplantation and shared some of his own experience with management of BK viremia involving complete interruption of MMF or AZA.   

Past webinars and journal clubs can be accessed online.

Upcoming T3 Webinars:

Epitope Matching in Kidney Allocation
September 27, 2017

Evaluation and Management of A Failing Allograft
October 17th, 2017

Upcoming Journal Clubs

Zbtb7a Induction in Alveolar Macrophages is Implicated in Anti-HLA–Mediated Lung Allograft Rejection
November 20, 2017

The National Landscape of Living Kidney Donor Follow-up in the United States
December 07, 2017



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