Joint Statement on UW Solution Supply Issues

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

We have been made aware of disruptions in the supply of UW Solution to some OPOs. Some suppliers have imposed caps on the amount of UW that can be ordered by a single entity to ensure an adequate supply to all their customers. We have reached out to the suppliers and offered our assistance with any regulatory or other governmental issues they may have that are impacting their supply of UW. In addition, we are coordinating our efforts with AST, ASTS, and UNOS.

In the near term, if you are having issues with obtaining adequate UW supplies, we recommend you check with multiple suppliers as the disruption is impacting each of them differently. In addition, there are a few steps we believe would be helpful in conserving the supply of UW: prioritizing transplantable organs vs. those recovered for research, restricting pumping exclusively to those organs in which it is required, and coordinating your efforts with your transplant partners.