UNOS Study


You are cordially invited to participate in the next UNOS Labs organ offer simulation study, which is being conducted in concert with September's AST Virtual Fellows Symposium.  Over 200 kidney surgeons and physicians have participated in one or more of our previous offer simulation studies; most participants have said they benefitted from and even enjoyed the experience.   

Not a kidney surgeon or physician? That’s okay! We still encourage everyone to participate as the results of this study will be shared and discussed during the first Session of the Fellows Symposium

The actual study period will take place September 1-6, during which time our DonorNet simulator - "SimUNet" - will sent you one or more hypothetical kidney offers by email each day.  Your task is to carefully review each offer and indicate whether you would accept the offer for the specific candidate in actual clinical practice.

Results from the study will be shared and discussed in September during the symposium, but your results will remain confidential and not be shared in an identifiable way with others. Each participant will also receive a custom participant response analysis.

To participate, before August 21st you will need to:

1.      Respond to the participant consent within the Fellows Symposium registration form.

2.      View the 5-minute participant orientation video: https://unos.wistia.com/medias/hgc5yavozy

If you have already completed your Fellows registration and did not complete the participant consent but would like to take part in this study, please email Michelle Lescure mlescure@myAST.org.

Thank you for participating!