New Non-Medical Doctoral Membership Category

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

At its meeting on August 19th, the AST Board of Directors approved a new membership category for Non-Medical doctoral degree holders with a $250 dues cost and an available optional AJT subscription.  Members eligible for this category include holders of PhD, PharmD, PsyD, DNP, and other doctoral-level degrees without an accompanying medical degree (MD, DO, MBBS, etc.).  

This new category, which will apply to approximately 650 AST members, was created in response to results of the recent Membership Value and Dues Survey as well as ongoing feedback from this group.  The Board recognizes that members with these degrees, on average, receive lower salaries than other Full Doctoral members, as well as less institutional support for membership and meeting attendance.  In addition, AST is a secondary society membership for many of these degree holders and thus they are required to pay membership dues to multiple societies.  

Creation of this new membership category with more affordable dues will make consistent long-term membership in the AST more attainable for all of our members.  AST membership will also be more attractive for new members who would fall into this category.  It is our hope that making this change will support further growth in the diversity of transplant disciplines represented under AST's umbrella, thereby strengthening our voice in the transplant community. 

Members who are eligible for the new category will receive further communication in September.