Registration 2023

Registration is now closed.

What is the difference between the general attendee application and the travel grant application?

The general attendee application does not have the same eligibility requirements that the travel grant application does. Other transplant professionals, including established faculty seeking a review of basic concepts in solid organ transplantation are welcome to register under the general attendee application.

What is the cost of the general attendee application and the travel grant application?

The initial cost of both the general attendee and travel grant is $100. If your application is selected for a travel grant, then that will be your only registration cost. If your application isn’t accepted or if you applied as a general attendee, the additional cost will be $325 for a $425 total registration cost.

If I applied as a general attendee does that mean I am automatically accepted?

No, because of space limitations we can only accept a limited number of general attendees. Notification for when your general attendee application go out will be the week of August 14th.

What if I am not accepted for a travel grant can I still attendee as a general attendee?

Yes, if you are not accepted for a travel grant you can still attend as a general attendee if you pay the additional $325 registration fee.

Is On-Site Registration Available?

Registration is not available on-site for this meeting.

What if I do not get accepted? What if I have to cancel?
If AST declines your registration and you are not accepted to the Fellows Symposium, the registration fee will be refunded in full. However, if you cancel your registration any time on or prior to August 22nd, 2023 you will receive a refund less a $50 processing fee. If you cancel your registration after August 22
nd, no refund will be issued. This cancellation policy ensures that applicants are registering with a serious intent to attend the meeting.