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“Our jobs are not about circumstances of birth. We are all here because of what we ourselves have done. You don’t become part of transplantation because your ancestors made some earth-...


Transplant pioneer Jean Michel Dubernard, M.D. (Max to his friends) an innovator, a surgeon, a researcher, a medical educator,...

American Journal of Transplantation (AJT)

AJT is the joint journal of the AST and the ASTS. Access your subscription here.



The AST has been instrumental in assisting federal and state public policy decision-makers in the crafting and formation of a variety of legislative and regulatory initiatives.

We know transplant professionals like you are passionate about ensuring that patients have access to essential medicines, insurance coverage, and the best care possible.

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member spotlight

Kimberly Jacob Arriola, PhD, MPH

Specialty: Social Psychology & Epidemiology

Graduated from: Spelman College (BA), Northeastern University (PhD), Emory University (MPH)

Current position: Executive Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Charles Howard Candler...


This book covers the basic functionality of the immune system, the latest developments in immunosupressive drugs and protocols, and emerging technologies in the field.

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