Women’s Health Community of Practice (WHCOP)

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2019-2020 Executive Committee

Staff Liaison: Olivia Snow (osnow@myAST.org)

Chair: Deirdre Sawinski (2021)
Co-Chair: Lisa Coscia (2021)
Past Chair: Christina Klein (2021)
Board Liaison: Deborah Adey (2020)
Elizabeth Chua (2020)
Jyoti Brar (2020)
Monika Sarkar (2020)
Ana Rossi (2021)
Early Career: Itunu Owoyemi (2020)

2019-2020 Initiatives

  • Engage membership to accomplish educational initiatives/projects
  • Sponsor event focused on mentoring at ATC 2020
  • Proposal to AST board to provide childcare and/or pumping resources at ATC 2020
  • Journal club
  • Complete Ethics in Reproduction after SOT manuscript
  • Submit several ATC program proposal submissions -collaborate with other COPs as appropriate
  • Revisit possibility of a consensus conference on Reproduction after SOT; investigate further funding opportunities
  • Complete Transplant in 10 patient education video
  • Send family planting survey
  • Review and revise mission statement
  • Attend AST Board /COP event at ATC
  • Continue to use the Hub to post articles of interest, announcements for events, elections, and grants, to support fundraising events and to encourage member participation 
  • Consider appropriate candidates for AST Board nominations, awards, and FAST designation
  • Complete list of women speakers including areas of expertise
  • Maintain Twitter account
  • Assess interest in Facebook account
  • Joint WHCOP/WIT networking events ATC 2019 and 2020
  • Renew quarterly newsletter to membership