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Women’s Health Community of Practice (WHCOP)

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2017-2018 Executive Committee

Staff Liaison: Anne Kreiss (

Chair: Christina Klein (2019)
Co-Chair:Deirdre Sawinski (2019)
Past Chair and Board Liaison: Deborah Adey (2019)
Maha Mohamed (2018)
Lisa Coscia (2019)
Monica Grafals (2019)
Monika Sarkar (2019)
Trainee: Nadeen Khoury (2018)

2017-2018 Initiatives

  • Propose a work group to post monthly journal articles is being proposed; Current Lead: Deirdre Sawinski
  • Submit program proposals for ATC 2018
  • Update “Parenthood after Transplantation”
  • Review the COP mission statement
  • Establish a workgroup (3-5 people) to form a relationship with the education committee to assess the WHCOP needs
  • Continue to post articles to the Hub as well as posting articles under “Navigating a Career”
  • Continue to nominate individuals for the AST leadership positions
  • Make a call for proposals for initiatives at the business meeting at ATC 2017
  • Continue to invite people to join the COP and encourage engagement
  • Provide a quarterly newsletter (January, April, July, October)