Women’s Health Community of Practice (WHCOP)

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2021-2022 Executive Committee

Chair: Lisa Coscia (2023)
Co-Chair: Ana Rossi (2023)
Past Chair: Deirdre Sawinski  (2023)
Board Liaison: Linda Ohler (2022)
Maria Aurora Posadas Salas (2022)
Silvi Shah (2022)
Nicole Alvey (2023)
Shannan Tujios (2023)
Early Career: Goni Katz-Greenberg (2022)

Staff Liaison: Olivia Snow (osnow@myAST.org)

2021-2022 Initiatives

  • Continue to support and develop workgroups to assist with main goals and COP membership engagement:
    • Education
    • Awards and Nominations
    • Social Media
    • Childcare and Pumping
  • ATC program proposals; collaborate with relevant COPs. Potential topics:
    • Workshop on social medial use for career advancement
    • management of birth control and HRT in peri-op period for donors and recipients w/regard too thrombotic risk
  • Revisit consensus conference on Reproduction after SOT; investigate alternative funding options.
  • Submit a Journal Club article.
  • Submit T3 webinar topic: Contraception and Family Planning post-transplant
  • Continue to collaborate on AST journal clubs, consensus conferences, T3 Webinars, and ATC program proposals.
  • Review and revise the mission statement at the annual business meeting and incorporate work groups into the mission statement.
  • Attend AST Board/COP event at ATC.
  • Publish family planning survey results.
  • Continue to use HUB to post articles of interest.
  • Consider appropriate candidates for AST Board nominations, awards and FAST designation annually.
  • Plan WHCOP event at CEOT
  • WHCOP/WIT networking event at ATC 2022
  • Explore merging the Women’s speaker list with WIT to expand the list globally.
  • Reach out to WIN and WIT for a joint event at ASN 2021
  • Support fundraising events of AST (ex. Donation Derby) using Hub
  • Have an incentive again for Donation Derby
  • Trainee and Early Career travel grant
  • Update email to new members to reflect EC and workgroups they can engage with
  • Newsletter in Dec to update members 6 months after meeting at ATC to send additional updates