Psychosocial and Ethics Community of Practice (PSECOP)

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2022-2023 Executive Committee

Chair: Elisa Gordon (2024)
Co-Chair: Jody Jones (2024)
Past Chair: Michelle Jesse (2024)
Board Liaison: Deirdre Sawinski (2023)
Sarah Lieber (2024)
Carrie Thiessen (2024)
Yue-Harn Ng (2023)
Lisa Teh (2023)
Anji Wall (2023)
Early Career Member-at-Large: David Haver (2023)

Staff Liaison: Anne Kreiss (

2022-2023 Initiatives

Engage the community through work on meaningful initiatives that are addressed by different workgroups (outside of the executive committee).

  • Living Donor Liver Transplant Consensus Conference (LDCOP, LICOP, PSECOP).
  • Cognitive Functioning, Health Literacy and Organ Transplantation (plan on inviting LICOP, KPCOP, TCC COP, PCOP, and maybe LDCOP, and/or TxDx COP. 
  • Organ Transplant Caregiver Toolkit website development and go-live.
  • Xenotransplantation
  • New Initiative Proposals: Set up writing group
    • 1) Collaborate on writing manuscripts (establish brainstorming systems to set up structure to identify people with like-minded interests that conceptualize projects) (thresholds for involvement and engagement).
    • 2) Pre-review/edit each other’s manuscripts.
    • 3) Write a series of manuscripts (or synopsis) about ethical issues at the transplant clinic level.
    • 4) Build and retain a sustainable workforce in a Transplant Division. Policy aimed at creating sustainable systems for working (website, advocate- webinars targeting administrators)

Submit at least one idea for an educational opportunity (either through an ATC program proposal or another mechanism).

  • Initiated Ethics in Transplantation webinar series; plan is to occur two to three times per year.
  • New Initiative Proposal:
    • Establish a Speaker’s Bureau to identify and promote junior, early career professionals for virtual grand round presentations (education to community, and education to help junior professionals learn).

Create content that serves the community and the AST at large, such as guidelines, white papers, journal clubs, etc.

  • Organ Transplant Caregiver Toolkit go-live.
  • Publications under discussion for Living Donor Liver Transplant Consensus Conference.

Ensure COP mission statement and strategic plan are aligned to AST strategic vision and demonstrate progress on the strategic plan in subsequent years.

  • We will continue to ensure this by participating in regular updates of our activities with the AST Board of Directors and through our board liaison.

Assess member educational needs with input from the education committee.

  • Currently surveying membership for content ideas for T3 and ATC 2023 Programmatic Proposals.
  • We will survey membership for subsequent Ethics Webinar ideas.

Maintain repository of resources for community membership (such as COP online library).

  • We will continue to archive manuscripts developed by the PSECOP and other educational offerings from the ATC that are available for our use.

Nominate members for the AST Board and other leadership positions within AST.

  • We will nominate a member for the Board or another leadership position.

Provide opportunities for the membership to network/collaborate throughout the year (outside of ATC).

  • The Hospitality Committee will continue to encourage posting on the Hub and via other virtual events.
  • Provide opportunities for the membership to network/collaborate throughout the year (outside of ATC).
  • New Initiative Proposals:
    • PSECOP-Pediatric COP networking event to explore Peds Ethics projects (e-cigarettes/vaccines, reproductive issues – uterus transplant, for young transplant candidates/recipients)
    • PSECOP-Women’s Health COP: Networking event to explore women’s health ethics and intersectionality (aligns with IDEAL Committee goals).
    • Going upstream in pathway: Set up program for high school visits by transplant experts by racial/ethnic minorities- role model.

Encourage members to suggest initiatives and share ideas through the online communities.

  • We will continue to encourage members to post questions, publications of interest, and new ideas on the Hub. This will continue to be one responsibility of the Early Career Member.
  • Recently initiated a PSECOP Twitter account.

Actively sustain COP-to-AST membership conversion and growth of the COP and AST.

  • Substantial increase in membership since adding Ethics. Discussions on how to further engage pediatric providers. We will continue to encourage membership renewal.
  • Research Ethics Grants which we hope will continue to encourage new members to join our COP.

Provide regular updates to the COP membership (minimum of once per quarter) and to the Board.

  • Will share quarterly highlights from EC monthly meetings on the Hub and to the Board.