Psychosocial and Ethics Community of Practice (PSECOP)

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2020-2021 Executive Committee

Chair: Michelle Jesse (2022)
Co-chair: Elisa Gordon (2022)
Past Chair: Kristin Kuntz (2022)
Board Liaison: Jim Rodrigue (2021)
Heather Bruschwein (2021)
Elizabeth Fleagle (2021)
Beth Piotrowicz (2021)
Gloria Chen (2022)
Camilla Nonterah (2022)
Early Career Member-at-Large: Kristy Engel (2021)

Staff Liaison: Staff Liaison: Olivia Snow (

2020-2021 Initiatives

  • The Caregiver Workgroup continues to meet to explore and address the needs of transplant patients’ caregivers.
  • Additional initiatives are currently under discussion. 
  • We will submit several programs for ATC 2021 and plan to collaborate with other COP’s for multidisciplinary topics.
  • The Caregiver Workgroup has a Caregiver Toolkit under development.
  • The white paper on drug testing will be completed and accepted for publication. 
  • We will continue to ensure our COP mission statement and strategic plan are aligned with AST's strategic vision by participating in regular updates of our activities with the AST Board of Directors and through our board liaison.
  • We will continue to archive manuscripts developed by the PSECOP and other educational offerings from the ATC that are available for our use.
  • We will nominate a member for the Board or another leadership position.
  • The hospitality committee will continue to encourage posting on the Hub when members are attending outside conferences with transplant content and organize meet-ups there.
  • We will continue to encourage members to post questions, publications of interest, and new ideas on the Hub. This will continue to be one responsibility of the Early Career Member.
  • Due to the high activity level of new AST members, it shows an increased profile of the COP; we will continue to encourage membership renewal
  • Will share quarterly highlights from EC monthly meetings on the Hub and to the Board.