Thoracic and Critical Care Community (COP)

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2018-2019 Executive Committee

Chair: Sangeeta Bhorade (2020)
Co-Chair: Shelley Hall (2020)
Past Chair and Board Liaison: Jon Kobashigawa (2020)
Jeffrey Edelman (2019)
Deborah Levine (2020)
Hannah Copeland (2020)
Trainee: Kevin Shah (2019)
Guest – Critical Care: Darren Malinoski
Guest – Policy and Advocacy: David Nelson

Staff Liaison: Amber Nolan (

2018-2019 Initiatives

  • Establish a work group to edit and update a Patient Brochure addressing common questions related to thoracic transplantation.
  • Establish work group to develop and deploy content for the TCC COP Hub.
  • Submit potential thoracic related topics and expert speakers to Education Committee (Transplant in 10 Program).
  • Submit thoracic focused program proposals for ATC 2019
  • Develop and coordinate Thoracic Tracks for CEOT 2018
  • Support established frailty work groups in Lung Transplantation and Heart Transplantation to develop and publish white papers specific to organ group, based on work accomplished in preparation for the Frailty Consensus Meeting in All Solid Organ Transplantation.
  • Continue efforts to increase AST thoracic attendance at CEOT and ATC, through targeted outreach and by advocating for expanded thoracic subject matter.
  • Support the implementation of a Consensus Meeting on Critical Care in Thoracic Transplantation, to more directly engage the critical care community and encourage involvement with the AST/TCC COP.
  • Survey of member educational needs to be initiated by the EC
  • We will nominate additional members to the thoracic EC Board and the AST Board.
  • Plan and implement thoracic networking event at CEOT 2019.
  • Utilize the Hub to encourage members to share ideas and needs.
  • TCC COP has plans to sponsor a one year membership for future Trainee Members of the EC, with a view to encouraging both long term membership and active engagement.