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2017-2018 Executive Committee

Staff Liaison: Brian Valeria (

Chair and Board Liaison: Jon Kobashigawa (2018)
Co-Chair: Sangeeta Bhorade (2018)
Past Chair: Jeffrey Teuteberg (2018)
Geetha Bhat (2018)
Maryam Valapour (2018)
Shelley Hall (2019)
Trainee: Nicholas Braus (2018)
Ex-Officio Member for Critical Care: Darren Malinoski
Guest – Policy and Advocacy: David Nelson

2017-2018 Initiatives

  • Support the development of a Hepatitis-C Virus Consortia, to explore the potential of using HCV positive donors in HCV negative patients, to expand the donor pool, in collaboration with liver transplant colleagues
  • Collaborate with CEOT Steering Committee to develop thoracic tracks for the 2018 meeting
  • Complete the Donor Heart Selection paper, approved by the AST Board
  • Develop a white paper on frailty in thoracic transplantation, as a follow up to the consensus meeting to be held in April 2017
  • Continue efforts to increase AST thoracic attendance at CEOT and ATC, through targeted outreach and by advocating for expanded thoracic subject matter
  • Create an HCV webinar and develop consortia for HCV heart use
  • Arrange library such as HCV reference slides
  • Nominate additional members to the thoracic EC Board
  • In collaboration with the CEOT Steering Committee, develop a fellow/mentor case study session at CEOT 2018, to foster networking and collaboration
  • Using the AST Hub, the TCC COP will provide an annual online survey to solicit ideas for initiatives that will address priorities and areas of concern for our membership
  • Develop outreach efforts to thoracic transplant fellows, engaging them in participation in national meetings such as ATC and CEOT through fellow forums and stipend awards, with a view toward creating an alignment with AST that will lead to membership
  • Publish quarterly newsletter to TCC COP members, with updates, announcements and opportunities for participation