About AST


“Transplantation is an enormously complicated field that relies on the participation of physicians, surgeons, researchers and others. In order to advance, all who participate on the transplant team must continue the dialogue. Cooperation among transplant professionals is what has set AST apart from other societies."
                                               -AST founding President, Dr. Ronald Guttmann

Talk to your fellow transplantation team members about the AST benefits you find most valuable. Nurses, coordinators, social workers, transplant pharmacists, and other allied health professionals may join AST as full members. We value our diverse community, and welcome all transplant professionals. 

Dr. Nicolae Leca told us why he recommends AST membership to his colleagues: “AST has been an invaluable forum to collaborate, explore, learn and advance the field of transplantation in the company of transplant professionals I highly regard."

When you refer your colleagues, you will bring them into this invaluable transplant forum.

We’re making it easier for you to refer new members with our new, easy referral form! You can quickly send a personal and professional email message to refer your colleagues by visiting the referral form below. Fill one out today!

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You’ll also be entered to win one of three prizes:

  • First Prize - iPad and Free membership for 2018
  • Second Prize - $500 AST Bucks
  • Third Prize - $250 AST Bucks

*AST Bucks can be used toward any AST activity, including dues, publications, and select meeting registration. The Member-Get-A-Member program runs from annual meeting to annual meeting. 

Help your colleagues advance: encourage them to submit an AST membership application. Prospective members will need to create an AST account and then complete the membership application, including uploading their CV. And of course, they'll have to put your name down as the recommender!

Member-Get-A-Member: invite your colleagues to join us in improving our patients' lives by advancing the field.

Schedule & Rules

  • The prospective member must apply through the online AST membership application - send them the link!
  • The prospective member must submit their membership application with dues payment in order for you to be entered to win.
  • The referrer's AST membership dues for 2018 must be paid in full.
  • Each referral counts towards the referrer’s total once the nominee is approved for membership.
  • Those who referred new members to AST will be recognized at:
    • The annual Member Business Meeting during the 2018 ATC in Seattle, WA.
    • In an issue of the AST eNews; and
    • On the AST website.
  • Nominees for membership can be former members who left the Society prior to or during 2015.

Congratulations to our previous winners!


Grand prize: Gazi Zibari, MD FACS
          Apple iPad and complimentary membership dues for 2018
2nd prize: Krista Lentine, MD
          $500 AST Bucks
3rd prize: Deepali Kumar, MD
          $250 AST Bucks
To view all 2016-2017 participants, click here.


Grand prize: Richard Perez, MD
          Apple iPad and complimentary membership dues for 2017
2nd prize: Clifford Miles, MD
          $500 AST Bucks
3rd prize: Wayne Hancock, MD, PhD
          $250 AST Bucks
To view all 2015-2016 participants, click here.


Grand prize: Marcelo Cantarovich, MD
          Apple iPad and complimentary membership dues for 2016
2nd prize: Sandra Rosen-Bronson, PhD
          $500 AST Bucks
3rd prize: Swati Rao, MBBS
          $250 AST Bucks
To view all 2014-2015 participants, click here.


Grand prize: Marian O’Rourke, RN, CCTC
          Apple iPad and complimentary membership dues for 2015
2nd prize: Peter Nguyen, MD
          $500 AST Bucks
3rd prize: John Baddley, MD, MSPH
          $250 AST Bucks