Transplant Diagnostic Community of Practice (TxDx COP)

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2020-2021 Executive Committee

Chair: Laurine Bow (2022)
Co-Chair: Evan Farkash (2022)
Past Chair: Annette Jackson (2022)
Board Liaison: Howie Gebel (2021)
Marwan Azar (2021)
Tiffany Roberts (2021)
Grace Mahowald (2022)
Oyedele Adeyi (2022)
Early Career Member-at-Large: Rebecca Sosa (2021)

Staff Liaison: Olivia Snow (

2020-2021 Initiatives

  • Continue 2020 Annual Top Ten read for TxDx COP, inviting experts in subspecialties to recommend articles.
  • Submit Consensus Conference in collaboration with ID COP to explore fundamentals, performance characteristics, and practical uses of emerging assays at the intersection of infectious disease and rejection diagnoses.
  • Submission of T3 and ATC proposals.
  • Cross-pollination with annual meetings. Organize TxDx COP Webinars inviting speakers from each meeting’s What’s New What’s Hot sessions:
    • ASHI meeting
    • Banff meeting
    • ISHLT
  • Continue quarterly Journal Clubs.
  • AST Board Updates are integrated into monthly EC calls, opportunities for TxDx COP contributions are highlighted.
  • 2020 TxDx COP education survey reviewed by EC to guide ATC proposals/ T3Webinars/ Journal Club topics. This survey will be repeated in 2021.
  • 2020 Annual Top Ten read for TxDx posted on HUB.
  • Quarterly Journal Club articles posted on HUB.
  • 2020 TxDx COP Membership Engagement Survey will be reviewed during nomination windows and opportunities will be disseminated via HUB posts.
  • TxDx COP HUB posts and Twitter will be used to engage members to join Subcommittees/ProjectsContinue to engage COP members through the HUB.
  • 2020 TxDx COP Membership Engagement Survey will be used for targeted invitations.
  • TxDx COP HUB posts, Twitter, and business meeting will be used to engage involvement in T3 & ATC proposals and projects.
  • Cross-pollination from other Society annual meeting will highlight TxDx involvement in AST.
  • TxDx COP monthly EC calls with Board Liason, COP HUB posts and COP Twitter posts.