Transplant Diagnostic Community of Practice (TxDx COP)

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2018-2019 Executive Committee

Chair: Annette Jackson (2020)
Co-Chair: Laurine Bow (2020)
Past Chair: Peter Jindra (2020)
Board Liaison: Howie Gebel (2019)
Benjamin Adam (2019)
John Schmitz (2019)
Kristina Davis (2020)
Andrew Malone (2020)
Trainee: Anne Halpin (2019)

Staff Liaison: Amber Nolan (

2018-2019 Initiatives

  • Award three travel grants to members who present cutting edge consultation cases at the business meeting.
  • Create Educational Materials for Laypeople.
  • Follow-up on work from the consensus conference on Frailty.
  • Work on a DSA monitoring post transplant project.
  • Submit program proposals for ATC 2019.
  • Continue the TxDx COP Journal Club in 2019.
  • Submit ideas for AST webinar topics.
  • Continue progress towards stated COP mission at Executive Committee conference calls.
  • Generate a google form survey which will be sent to the TxDx COP is understand what are the educational needs of our members and define gaps in knowledge.
  • Expand reference library on solid organ transplant pathology to include heart and liver transplantation.
  • Reach out to members of the COP and past EC members and inquire their interested to service in AST Board leadership roles.
  • At joint meetings, discuss the current initiatives of the COP and gauge interest.
  • Post blogs and discussion items on the Hub, and encourage other members to do so.
  • Meet members of the COP at ATC, and seek out members during the poster session, to engage more of the TxDx COP base.
  • Update COP members through the website, where they will get an information describing new initiatives, and project and subgroups which they can be involved in.