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American Journal of Transplantation (AJT)

 The American Journal of Transplantation (AJT) is the joint journal of the American Society of Transplantation (AST) and the American Society of Transplant Surgeons (ASTS). The AJT, a premier journal in the field of transplantation and surgery, has an average time to first decision of 18 days and an Impact Factor of 5.683.

The AJT's aim is the rapid publication of new high-quality data in organ and tissue transplantation and the related sciences. This journal reflects and advances the field through critical reviews and news features, consensus documents, and guidelines. Primarily for scientists and clinicians in transplantation, this journal is also relevant to those in other fields who wish to follow transplantation.

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Clinical Transplantation: The Journal of Clinical and Transplantation Research

 As of April 2017 Clinical Transplantation: The Journal of Clinical and Translational Research is a joint journal of the American Society of Transplantation (AST) and the American Society of Transplant Surgeons (ASTS). Clinical Transplantation is essential reading for clinicians and researchers in the diverse field of transplantation and has an impact factor of 1.844.

Clinical Transplantation aims to serve as a channel of rapid communication for all those involved in the care of patients who require, or have had, organ or tissue transplants, including: kidney, intestine, liver, pancreas, islets, heart, heart valves, lung, bone marrow, cornea, skin, bone, and cartilage, viable or stored.

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Transplant Peer Review Network

The Transplant Peer Review Network (Tx PRN) is a consortium formed to simplify the publication process for authors and reduce the time and effort involved in the peer review of transplantation research. The AJT is part of the Tx PRN.

Learn more about Tx PRN



American Society of Transplantation Infectious Diseases Guidelines 3rd Edition (March 2013)

Cover image for Vol. 13 Issue s4View the ID Guidelines 3rd Edition on the AJT website.

Infections represent a major cause of morbidity and mortality in transplant candidates and recipients. In order for the transplant community to provide comprehensive care to its patients, it is critical that transplant providers have an understanding of the complexity of the field, both with regards to general principles and specific disease entities. Given the constant changes in clinical practice in both transplantation and infectious diseases, periodic critical evaluation and updating of the guidelines is essential to maintain their relevance. This new version of the Infectious Diseases guidelines reflects the evolution of the discipline and is designed to inform current clinical practice.

AJT Special Issue: Volume 13, Issue s4, Pages 1–371


Transplant Immunology

Edited by Xian C. Li and Anthony M. Jevnikar

To purchase this book, please visit the Wiley website.

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With all the complex issues of acceptance or rejection of a transplanted organ, immunology is a key subject for all transplantation clinicians. During recent years, there has been an explosion of research and knowledge in this area.

Produced in association with the American Society of Transplantation, and written by experts within the field, Transplant Immunology provides a comprehensive overview of the topic in relation to clinical transplantation.

Starting with the basic functionality of the immune system, it then moves on to cover the very latest developments in immunosupressive drugs and protocols, as well as a look at all emerging technologies in the field.

Key chapters include:
  • Transplant-related complications
  • Immune responses to transplants
  • Emerging issues in transplantation
  • Biomarkers of Allograft rejection and tolerance
  • T cells and the principles of immune responses

In full colour throughout, over 100 outstanding diagrams support the text, all figures being fully downloadable via the book's companion website. The result is an essential tool for all those responsible for managing patients awaiting and undergoing organ transplantation, including transplant surgeons and clinicians, immunologists and researchers.


AST Handbook of Transplant Infections (June 2011)

Edited by Deepali Kumar, MD, MSc FRCPC and Atul Humar, MD, MSc FRCPC
Associate Editors: Emily Blumberg, MD, Marian G. Michaels, MD, MPH, and Kieren Marr, MD

Print Pricing (USD): $51.95 plus tax and shipping
e-Book: $41.99 plus tax

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To purchase this book, please visit the Wiley website.

Due to the work of the AST Infectious Diseases Community of Practice, this book exclusively uses tables and flowcharts to speed up decision making when managing a post-transplant infection or reducing the possibility of infection. This distinguished group of investigators and teachers provide point of care information on optimum management of infection in adult and pediatric organ and stem cell transplant patients. The unique tables and flowcharts are devised by the authors, backed up with extensive references, making the book a fully researched, yet, easy-to-use guide.

Perfect for quick reference, this book will help you to combat and treat post-transplant infections. Divided into five sections, it covers everything you need to know to provide the best possible care for your patients:

  • General issues and infectious syndromes
  • Specific pathogens
  • Donor issues
  • Prevention of infections after transplantation
  • Post-transplant medications and drug interactions


AST Primer on Transplantation, 3rd Edition (March 2011)

Edited by Donald Hricik, MD

Print Pricing (USD): $164.95 plus tax and shipping
e-Book: $139.99 USD plus tax

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To purchase this book, please visit the Wiley website.

The Primer on Transplantation is an invaluable resource for all health professionals on the transplant team, including trainees, residents, fellows, physicians, surgeons, nurses and transplant coordinators. This new edition is full of practical advice for the next generation of transplant professionals. In addition to 5 organ-specific chapters: kidney, pancreas, heart, lung and liver, the book includes essential information on:

  • Immunobiology
  • Pharmacology
  • Donor Management
  • Infectious Complications
  • Pediatric Transplantation
  • General Principles of Patient Management

Fully updated and redesigned to make it even more user-friendly, the book contains clinical vignettes, key point boxes, and self-assessment multiple choice questions in each chapter.

Purchasing the book also entitles you access to the companion website: This website includes:

  • Interactive Multiple-Choice Questions for each chapter
  • Figures from the book as Powerpoints for downloading
  • All chapters online

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