Community of Transplant Scientists (COTS)

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2024-2025 Executive Committee

Chair: Leonardo Riella (2026)
Co-Chair: Juliet Emamaullee (2026)
Past Chair: Jonathan Bromberg (2026)
Keri Lunsford (2025)
Scott Krummey (2025)
Muhammad Mohiuddin (2025)
Dan Jane-Wit (2026)
Miguel Fribourg (2026)
Early Career: Brittany Schreiber (2025)

Board Liaison: Paolo Cravedi (2025)

Interim Staff Liaison: Victoria Marino (

2023-2024 Activities 

  • Continue to provide a forum to share new cutting-edge transplant science, foster scientific dialog and collaboration, and increase the visibility of rising transplant scientists (WIPs = Work in Progress). 
  • Create basic and translational science programming for ATC 2024. 
  • Develop white paper from ATC 2023 MOuse MOdels in Transplantation (MOMOT) meeting.
  • Request funding from the AST Board of Directors (the Board), and submit proposal for AST-sponsored symposium at AAI 2024.
  • Request funding from the Board, and submit proposal for AST-sponsored symposium at FOCIS 2024.
  • Discuss basic science transplant research through journal clubs, webinars, and the Hub. 
  • Create opportunities to foster leadership development for COTS members. 
  • Establish 2 Subcommittees focusing on COTS Programming and Education.