Community of Transplant Scientists (COTS)

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2018-2019 Executive Committee

Staff Liaison: Anne Kreiss (

Chair: David Rothstein (2020)
Co-Chair: Anita Chong (2020)
Past Chair: Maria-Luisa Alegre (2020)
Board Liaison: Jonathan Maltzman (2020)
Geoffrey Camirand (2020)
Emmanuel Zorn (2020)
Andrew Adams (2021)
Olivia Martinez (2021)
Early Career: Nicholas Chun (2020)

2019-2020 Initiatives

  • Organize journal clubs that feature the first or last author discussing their work.
  • Organize Outstanding Questions in Transplantation – a web-based discussion forum by which COTS and AST community-at-large can inform future research.
  • Outstanding Questions in Transplantation will be used as a platform for AJT mini-reviews to summarize and extend the discussion begun in the forum.
  • Complete planning and host AST/ESOT/TTS co-sponsored and co-organized International Transplant Science meeting for 2019 (ITS 2019) and begin to plan for 2020 meeting.
  • Submit proposals for basic science AND Translational symposia for ATC 2020.
  • Request funding from BOD and submit proposal for AST-sponsored symposium at AAI 2020.
  • Request funding from BOD and submit proposal for AST-sponsored symposium at FOCIS 2020.
  • Complete planning and host ITS 2019.
  • Plan ITS 2020.
  • Continue organizing quarterly journal clubs.
  • Propose basic science webinars and “Transplant in 10” basic science topics.
  • Write minireviews for AJT on the first Outstanding Questions in Transplantation that have been discussed on the Hub.
  • Develop a pipeline through which COTS members can volunteer for ATC and ITS abstract reviewing, chairing sessions, awards, etc. to facilitate career development.
  • Will keep revisiting mission statement and strategic plan.
  • Utilize survey from 3 years ago.