Living Donor Community of Practice (LDCOP)

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2020-2021 Executive Committee

Chair: Vineeta Kumar (2022)
Co-Chair: Krista Lentine (2022)
Past Chair: Christie Thomas (2022)
Board Liaison: Jim Rodrigue (2021)
Edmund Huang (2021)
Asif Sharfuddin (2021)
Joshua Wolf (2021)
AnnMarie Liapakis (2022)
Mona Doshi (2022)

Staff Liaison: Olivia Snow (

LDCOP Educational Resources

The LDCOP is committed to providing quality educational resources for both professionals and patients. Please visit the "LDCOP Educational Resources" page to learn more about the LDCOP's toolkits, webinars, educational resources, and ongoing work groups.

2020-2021 Initiatives

  • Submit ATC 2020 Proposals that were not accepted as webinars.
  • Develop new topics for journal clubs and webinars based on the 2020 Needs Assessment Survey Report.
  • Develop new proposals for ATC 2021 and review deferred ATC 2020 proposals for ATC 2021.
  • Develop a repository/database of topics of interest for the LDCOP membership to share membership wide to enhance intra-COP collaborations.
  • Develop a “Get to know you”/highlight individual member survey.
  • Complete two “Transplant Fact or Fiction” videos for community education.
  • The Living Liver Donor Toolkit workgroup is tasked with developing a toolkit for living liver donors and providers focused on living liver donation and with producing a best practices white paper. 
  • A combined LICOP-LDCOP workgroup is surveying key personnel of living liver donor programs to assess practice patterns in living donation.
  • The APOL1 testing workgroup is completing a consensus opinion piece on use and misuse of APOL1 testing for living donors. 
  • The KPD workgroup is considering documenting and streamlining practices between NKR, UNOS, other exchanges, and identifying ongoing challenges to improving KPD.
  • The international workgroup is completing its work and is awaiting review for publication.
  • Plan ATC program proposals.
  • Plan webinars.
  • Plan journal clubs.
  • Journal Club repositories.
  • The Living Liver Donor WG, APOL1 WG, and KPD WG are expected to have published guidance documents
  • Plan to review COP mission statement and strategic plan.
  • The education workgroup will continue to stimulate active discussion on the HUB. The monthly schedule of website workgroup and EC members to stimulate discussion on the Hub.
  • Plan continued release of 1-2 annual repositories
  • Will continue to nominate members to the Board and other leadership positions.
  • Regular conference calls within the workgroups 
  • Exceed twitter membership > 500 and increase twitter posts