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2019-2020 Executive Committee

Staff Liaison: Anne Kreiss (

Chair: Brenda Muth (2021)
Co-Chair: Nicole McCormick (2021)
Board Liaison: David Foley (2020)
Andreana Kosinski (2020)
Karen Wilder (2020)
Kylie Harrold (2021)
Danielle Krieger (2021)
Early Career: Heather McDade (2020)

NEW! Fellowship Training Opportunities for Advanced Practice Providers

Below are two fellowship training opportunities transplant advanced practice providers. If you would like to post a clinical or research position, please send a brief (200-word limit) announcement to the APP COP staff liaison, Anne Kreiss, at The announcement should include contact information (address, phone, fax, and/or e-mail) of the recruiter.

Duke University Hospital

One position is open every September for the NP/PA abdominal transplant fellowship program. I just wanted to reach out to everyone in the transplant community with a request to let both new graduates and experienced NP/PAs know about this opportunity. If everyone can let their peers know that will be greatly appreciated! They can either go to Abdominal Transplant Fellowship for Advanced Practice Providers or contact me directly at

Also, I am very interested in finding similar fellowship programs to create an opportunity for fellows to visit other institutions as part of their curriculum. If anyone is interested in trying to develop this exchange program please let me know!

Thank you!

Kenai Hattori, FNP-C
Director of Abdominal Transplant Fellowship for APPs

Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Vanderbilt has a one-year multi-organ transplant fellowship. It is a paid fellowship. I am happy to discuss in more detail. My email address is

Thank you!

Deonna Moore, PhD, MSN, ACNP
Administrative Director, Transplant Clinical Services

2019-2020 Initiatives

Engage APP COP members to increase activity in the subcommittees:

  • Readdress our three subcommittees (membership, education, research: Do they align with the needs of the COP?)
  • Develop Advanced Practice Providers (APP) involvement in AST public policy
  • Encourage COP members to collaborate with other COPs by joining workgroups that align with APP interests

Our Education Subcommittee is actively pursuing education ideas based on a needs assessment administered in 2018.

Develop ATC/APP Programming. Possibilities under discussion include:

  • Panel on APP role optimization/practice at the top of license as a transplant professional
  • How can APPs develop more opportunities for education, expand into research
  • One day conference or “boot camp for APPs.” It could be in collaboration with ASTS. 

Sponsor a journal club.

Mission Statement: To advocate, support, and advance the knowledge of transplant APPs.

Strategic Objective 3: Encourage and expose more APPs to transplant.

Measurable Outcome:

  • Provide NP/PA programs opportunities for student rotations
  • Visit NP/PA programs to educate students on potential employment opportunities within transplant

Develop programming based on the 2018 needs assessment. Determine timing for reassessment of needs.

Continue to add resources to the Hub library.

Strategic Objective 1:  APPs contribute to the Transplant community through participation in AST committees.

Identify and nominate an Early Career Member-at-Large to the EC.

Identify members to nominate for achievement awards.

Encourage members to fill out the AST Committee Interest Form to gain access to AST committees.

Communicate through the Hub: APP attendance or participation at CEOT, ASTS, and other national meetings of interest within the transplant community such as kidney, liver, heart, and lung meetings.

Share information on roles, facilitate optimizing the scope of practice of APPs within the transplant community.

Serve as a resource for new APPs in transplantation. 

Promote COP activity on the Hub to collaborate and communicate.

We submitted the position paper regarding membership dues to the AST Board. Awaiting determination of AST fee structure.

Update the COP members at least quarterly on progress with initiatives through the Hub.