Advanced Practice Providers Community of Practice (APP COP)

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2018-2019 Executive Committee

Staff Liaison: Anne Kreiss (

Chair: Brenda Muth (2021)
Co-Chair: Karen Wilder (2021)
Board Liaison: David Foley (2019)
Andreana Kosinski (2020)
Nicole McCormick (2020)
Kylie Harrold (2021)
Danielle Krieger (2021)

2018-2019 Initiatives

Establish subcommittees for the COP.

  • Assign Executive Committee (EC) members to lead each subcommittee, and align the initiatives within each subcommittee.
  • Develop work groups within each subcommittee.
  • Present subcommittees at the COP business meeting, and recruit non-EC members for each work group.
  • Mission Statement: To advocate, support, and advance the knowledge of transplant APPs
  • Strategic Objective #1: Successfully recruit and retain APP members
  • Contribute to the clinical research mission of the AST.
  • Develop a symposium for APPs for ATC 2019 (Idea: Navigating the World of the APP in Transplant).
  • Submit five abstract submissions for ATC 2019.

Promote Education and discussion.

  • Use the Hub to ask a question of the month. Develop enthusiasm, and keep the conversation going.
  • Use the Hub to promote APP COP abstracts/presentations.

Promote transplant education.

  • Develop a survey to assess the education needs of the COP.
  • Develop a journal club.
  • Use the COP Hub to encourage COP members to suggest initiatives, discuss APP roles in transplantation, and share ideas.
  • Encourage and expose more APPs to transplant.
  • Provide NP/PA program opportunities for student rotations.
  • Visit NP/PA programs to educate students on potential employment opportunities within transplant.

Develop a library of resources.

Contribute to the transplant community through participation in the AST committees, identification of members to nominate for the APP COP Executive Committee, and nominations for achievement awards and the AST Board of Directors.

Build relationships between transplant programs to optimize the role and autonomy of the APP.

  • Encourage engagement of APPs through networking at ATC 2018: RN74; ATC 2019: Have happy hour for APPs.
  • Develop networking opportunities at ASN, CEOT, NKF, ISLD, etc.
  • Share information on roles and facilitate optimizing the scope of practice of APPs within the transplant community.
  • Serve as a resource for new APPs in transplantation.
  • Post transplant APP jobs on the Hub.

Successfully recruit and retain APP members.

  • Advertise COP on the AST Website.
  • Offer free one-year membership to the COP for non-AST members.
  • Encourage non-AST members to join work groups.
  • Convert ASTS members to dual ASTS/AST members.
  • Promote COP through the Hub.
  • Recruit new members through marketing plan to transplant administrators, transplant program directors, NATCO, ITNS, ISLD, ASN, NKF, ATC, winter ASTS meetings, etc.

Update the COP members at least quarterly on progress with initiatives through the Hub.