AST FAST Program

Recognizing members who have demonstrated an exceptional commitment to the field of transplantation as well as outstanding service to the American Society of Transplantation

The Fellow of the American Society of Transplantation (FAST) designation recognizes those members who have demonstrated both an exceptional commitment to the field of transplantation, as well as outstanding service to the American Society of Transplantation (AST). The designation does not alter a member's rights within the Society, nor does it represent any type of clinical certification. The designation is honorary and is open to all members of the AST in good standing.

The 2019 FAST application has closed.  Applications for 2020 will open in fall 2019.

2019 Deadlines
Application Opens: November 2018
Application Closes: January 15, 2019
Notifications: March 2019
2019 Fees
$195 non-refundable one time fee

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Application Requirements

The applicant must document the following on their application:

AST Participation & Service

  1. AST Membership Criteria
    1. Membership for a minimum of 5 years
    2. 2019 membership dues paid in full (in good standing)

  2. AST Meeting Attendance, demonstrated by attending 3 or more of the following meetings in the last 5 years:
    1. American Transplant Congress (ATC)
    2. World Transplant Congress (WTC)
    3. Cutting Edge of Transplantation (CEoT)
    4. Fellows Symposium on Transplantation

  3. AST Service, including any of the following categories below. This is not meant to be exhaustive or prescriptive. AST service will be evaluated in conjunction with the entirety of the application.
    1. AST Board of Directors
    2. Verified, sustained service on an AST advisory council, committee, Community of Practice (COP), or task force or work group within a COP
      1. Leadership positions include the Chair, Co-Chair, member of the Executive Committee
      2. If not a leadership position, service will need to be substantiated by a letter from the Chair/leader
    3. In AST publishing for the American Journal of Transplantation or Clinical Transplantation:
      1. Leadership position such as Editor-in-chief, deputy editor, editorial board member
      2. Reviewer of 10 or more manuscripts in the last 3 years
    4. Reviewer for American Transplant Congress (ATC) or World Transplant Congress (WTC) for 3 or more of the last 5 years

Commitment to the Field of Transplantation
The applicant must fulfill 3 of 5

  1. Documentation of board certification (if a physician or surgeon in clinical practice), or documentation of achieving a terminal academic degree or other top-level certification/qualification appropriate for the applicant’s area of expertise
  2. Documentation of a history of grant support funding from Federal entities, societies, industry, or foundations
  3. Documentation of body of high-quality scholarly work published in peer-reviewed journals related to the field of transplantation
  4. Documentation of public service, such as service to the community related to transplantation or; service on the UNOS Board or committees, NKF Board or committees, or another patient advocacy organization in the field of transplantation
  5. Submission of one additional letter from a person in a supervisory role documenting a significant contribution and commitment to instruction/teaching on the local, state, or national level in transplantation, which may include teaching in a fellowship program or lecturing in the field of transplantation to a professional or lay audience.

Additional Requirements

  1. Submission of two letters of recommendation addressing the applicant's commitment to the AST and leadership in the field of transplantation.
    1. One letter from AST leadership (Board member, COP/Committee Chair or Co-Chair) or from a previously elected Fellow that clearly documents why the applicant is worthy of the designation
    2. One letter of support from any AST member in good standing.
  2. Submission of curriculum vitae
  3. Payment of a one-time $195 non-refundable application fee

Selection Process

Applications will be screened by AST staff for completion. The FAST Selection Committee will make a recommendation for action, for approval by the AST Board of Directors. The FAST Selection Committee reserves the right to defer induction for one year if an unusually large number of qualified applicants are supported in a given year. Applicants can expect to receive an update on their application in March 2019.

Unsuccessful applicants may submit additional supporting material for re-review during the next application cycle without paying an additional fee. Please note, updated letters of recommendation must be acquired for consideration.


  • Induction during the American Transplant Congress (ATC)
  • Use of the FAST designation
  • FAST certificate
  • FAST lapel pin
  • AST fleece jacket
  • Listing on the AST website
  • Announcement in the AST eNews