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The AST Living Donor Community of Practice (LDCOP) is committed to providing quality educational resources for both professionals and patients. Listed below are a collection of links to toolkits, webinars, and other educational resources that have been produced by, or are supported by, the LDCOP.

If you are interested in continuing the conversation on topics of interest to the living donor community, or are interested in suggesting a topic that should be addressed, please visit the LDCOP Hub and contribute to the discussion. The LDCOP Hub also provides members access to the collective wisdom of our group through the LDCOP Discussion Board. All current and past discussions are archived on the site and available to LDCOP members.



  1. The Living Donor Toolkits
  2. LDCOP Multimedia Subcommittee Visual Abstracts
  3. LDCOP Workgroups




The AST's Living Donor Community of Practice (LDCOP), with the support of eleven other organizations, convened a Best Practices in Living Donation Consensus Conference in 2014, composed of a diverse group of transplant professionals, people with ESRD, and living donors. A high priority recommendation stemming from this meeting—achieving consensus amongst participants—was the creation of a set of centralized, neutral, high-quality live donor educational toolkits for those considering live donation.

The Living Donor Toolkit website was designed for those individuals who are considering living donation, and provides information on living donation from a financial and medical perspective with generous support by Novartis. To ensure the toolkits serve as many people as possible, all sections have been translated into Spanish.

Corresponding chapters for clinicians can be found in the toolkit website link above, or on the AST website via the following link.


2. LDCOP Multimedia Subcommittee Visual Synopses

The LDCOP Multimedia Subcommittee is shedding the spotlight on articles of interest to the community. As part of this ongoing initiative, the subcommittee highlights articles with a visual synopsis. Please see below for the latest visual synopses. 


The LDCOP's maintains a number of ongoing workgroups to tackle projects and initiatives that are important to LDCOP membership and the greater live donor transplant community. (Updated May 2022)

  • Finances Workgroup: To help provide guidance regarding how living donor care should be billed. (Chair: Andrea Tietjen)
  • Mental Health Workgroup: To expand our focus on mental well-being and provide necessary support not only before but even after donation. (Chairs: Mona Doshi and AnnMarie Liapakis)
  • Telemedicine Workgroup: To advance the practice of telemedicine in the care of living donors. (Chair: Fawaz Al Ammary)
  • Education/Communication Workgroup: To grow the LDCOP membership and enhance the engagement, participation and visibility of LDCOP members along with serving the educational needs of the membership. (Chair: Angie Nishio-Lucar)
  • Public Policy Workgroup: To review and respond to regular UNOS public comment requests on behalf of LDCOP and to explore policy topics related to living donation. (Chairs: Abhishek Kumar and Gaurav Agarwal)
  • KPD Workgroup: To advance and promote education and research about Kidney Paired Donation. (Chairs: Didier Mandelbrot and Peter Reese)
  • Multimedia Workgroup: To serve the educational needs of the LDCOP through engaging multimedia projects. (Chairs: Gaurav Agarwal and Mallika Gupta)
  • Genetics Workgroup: To evaluate genetic kidney disease and genetic risk alleles in kidnet donors. (Chair: Christie Thomas)
  • GFR Workgroup:  To review current guidelines and make recommendations on age and gender GFR ranges. (Chairs: Swee-Ling Levea and Mita Shah)


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