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"VCAs Have Arrived" Recording Available

This video reviews the criteria defining a vascularized composite allograft and covers the VCA transplantation process, starting at the OPO and ending at the transplant hospital. 

Audience: OPOs and transplant hospitals interested in involvement with VCA transplantation.

A recording is now available. It lasts approximately 14 minutes and can be accessed here.

The objectives are as follows:
1. Identify a VCA by the 9 item definition in the Final Rule.
2. Describe the VCA recovery, allocation, and transplantation process

Once you have viewed the recording, click here to access the evaluation and assessment.

If you have any questions, please contact UNOS Instructional Innovations at

New OPTN/UNOS Kidney Allocation Policy 2014

Are you ready for the changes that the new kidney allocation policy will bring in 2014? Prepare yourself and your colleagues by taking advantage of these educational opportunities.

Dr. John Friedewald provides a great summary of the updated policy in his January 2014 webinar in the AST Timely Topics in Transplantation series. The archived version is free to AST members and only $25 for non-members.

UNOS will also offer numerous educational resources throughout the year to better prepare transplant professionals. Please visit the UNOS TransplantPro website for complete details.

New Training Module Available to Educate Professionals and Patients about Kidney Allocation Changes

The national kidney allocation system (KAS) changed effective December 4, 2014. UNOS’s new KAS training module is their tool to help educate both transplant professionals and patients waiting for a kidney transplant about the upcoming changes. Transplant professionals can use this module as a guide to talk to their patients about the upcoming changes and patients can also access it themselves to learn more about how the changes will impact them directly.

View module now.

OPTN/UNOS Pancreas Allocation Policy 2014

UNOS has created a podcast, among other resources, to familiarize transplant professionals with the implementation of a new pancreas allocation system in fall 2014. The podcast is entitled “Introduction to the New Pancreas Allocation System,” and is available on the UNOS TransplantPro website and the OPTN website

Recently added is a webinar recording called "Preparing for Change: The New Pancreas/Kidney-Pancreas Allocation System" and is available here.

UNOS will also provide resources that transplant professionals can use to educate themselves and their colleagues. All resources developed will be made available on the above websites once complete. There is a Frequently Asked Questions document available on the OPTN website and UNOS TransplantPro website.

For patients, a brochure has been developed and is available via the OPTN website, UNOS TransplantPro website, and UNOS on-line store (most items no charge). A Spanish version of the brochure will be available soon.

If you have specific policy related questions regarding the pancreas allocation system changes, please contact UNOS Regional Administration at For questions regarding education and training that will be provided, UNOS Instructional Innovations at

OPTN/UNOS MPSC Performance Review Toolkit now available

An electronic toolkit is now available with a number of educational resources to help transplant programs better understand the performance review processes of the Membership and Professsional Standards Committee (MPSC). The toolkit features educational recordings and reference materials to clarify current processes.

Upon completion of the performance monitoring electronic toolkit, the participant will be able to:

  • Explain the MPSC performance review process
  • Identify the net benefits of MPSC performance reviews
  • Differentiate roles in the MPSC performance review process

The OPTN/UNOS MPSC Performance Review Process Toolkit includes the following resources. To access the electronic toolkit, click here.
Bayesian methods for assessing transplant program performance (Video, 58:00)
Demystifying the MPSC performance review process (Video, 18:00)
Benefits of participating - testimonial (Video, 12:00)
MPSC performance review process flow chart (PDF)
MPSC performance review roles quick-reference (PDF)

Evaluation and Assessment
Once you have viewed the recording, click here to access the evaluation and assessment. For those interested in receiving credit for participation, ABTC will award 0.75 Category 1 CEPTC credit. To receive credit, you must complete the assessment. If you do not wish to receive CEPTC credit you will not be required to take the assessment.

Other Resources
Additional information and resources on the OPTN/UNOS MPSC performance review process can be found on the OPTN and Transplant Pro websites.


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