Kidney Pancreas Community of Practice (KPCOP)

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Mission Statement

The Kidney Pancreas Community of Practice (KPCOP) is dedicated to advancing knowledge and scientific collaborations of professionals engaged in education, research and patient advocacy to promote improved health, safety and quality of life for kidney and pancreas transplant recipients as well as living kidney donors.

2019-2020 Executive Committee

Chair: Bruce Kaplan (2021)
Co-Chair: Ronald Parsons (2021)
Past Chair: Darshana Dadhania (2021)
Board Liaison: Roy Bloom (2020)
Nada Alachkar (2020)
Jayme Locke (2020)
Matthew Cooper (2021)
Matthew Everly (2021)
Neeraj Singh (2021)

AST Staff Liaison: Olivia Snow (


2019-2020 Initiatives

  • Facilitate completion of projections initiated by current workgroups and facilitate new workgroup projects:
    • Recipients with Failing Allografts,
    • Transplant Management Workgroup,
    • Cardiovascular Workgroup,
    • Frailty Workgroup
    • Pancreas Workgroup 
  • Assist Education Committee in evaluating current AST education programs’ content related to kidney and pancreas with goal to update and ensure offering is still pertinent to AST community.
  • Assist new Patient Advocacy effort by reviewing current documentation to ensure accuracy for our patient community.
  • Host journal clubs on KPCOP online community page on current topics in kidney and pancreas transplantation.
  • Host two AST Journal Club.
  • Provide Feedback and generate material to address: Public Policy issues, Education and Mentoring, and Needs of the community
  • Communication Workgroup to provide updates on workgroup updates and “seed questions” to trigger ongoing dialogue pertinent to the kidney and pancreas community.
  • Use workgroups to encourage cross-collaboration with other groups and encourage their involvement in KPCOP and AST activities
  • Communication Workgroup responsible for posting updates on KPCOP Hub community page such as EC meeting agendas and meeting summaries