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Kidney Pancreas Community of Practice (KPCOP)

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The Kidney Pancreas Community of Practice (KPCOP) provides advice to the AST Board of Directors, proposes and addresses policy and educational needs, and develops collaborations to advance the science and practice of kidney and pancreas transplantation.

2016-2017 Executive Committee

Staff Liaison: Mike Boudreau (

Chair: John Friedewald
Co-Chair: Darshana Dadhania
Past Chair: Christopher Blosser
Board Liaison: Alexander Wiseman
Kelly Birdwell
Raymond Heilman
Joseph Kim
Jayme Locke
Asha Moudgil
Emilio Poggio
James C. Rice
Scott Sanoff
Jeffrey S. Stoff

2016-17 Initiatives

  • Develop consensus statement exploring the factors contributing to the decline of pancreas transplant referrals with the goal of improving education about options and reducing barriers to referral. 
  • Assist Education Committee in evaluating current AST education program content related to kidney and pancreas to ensure offerings are still pertinent
  • Host virtual journal club on the KPCOP hub site to cover current topics in kidney and pancreas transplantation 
  • Form workgroups focused on (1) public policy responses, (2) education/member engagement, (3) membership and recruitment, and (4) regulatory guidance
  • Develop COP survey on center practices for pancreas transplantation
  • Develop COP survey on defining sensitized patient population and practice patterns for managing these patients
  • Form online community workgroup to initiate and monitor discussion on the hub site
  • For workgroup responsible for personally contacting new COP members to encourage involvement in both COP and AST activities
  • Form workgroup responsible for posting information on the HPCO hub site such as meeting agendas and summaries