Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice

What is a Community of Practice (COP)?

AST’s COPs are unique, specialty-area focused groups within AST. Each COP is dedicated to exchanging knowledge, offering networking opportunities, advocating for issues that are relevant to each of their constituencies, and developing resources to meet the needs of their members. The unique strength of the COP model is that new ideas and goals can originate from COP members and then become integrated with the overall goals and activities of the entire AST.

Communities of Practice (COPs)

Advanced Practice Providers
Basic Scientists
Infectious Disease
Kidney Pancreas
Live Donor
Liver and Intestinal
Recovery and Preservation
Thoracic and Critical Care
Trainee and Young Faculty
Transplant Administration and Quality Management
Transplant Diagnostics
Transplant Pharmacy
Transplant Regenerative Medicine
Women's Health

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COP Executive Committee (EC) Elections are Closed for 2018-2019.

Learn about COP EC Position Descriptions and Functions.