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Psychosocial Community of Practice (PSCOP)

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2017-2018 Executive Committee

Staff Liaison: Staff Liaison: Brian Valeria (

Chair: Sheila Jowsey-Gregoire (2018)
Co-chair: Kristin Kuntz (2018)
Past Chair: Zeeshan Butt (2018)
Board Liaison: Alexander Wiseman (2018)
Christina Spivey (2018)
Charlie Thomas (2018)
Beverly Hansen (2019)
Michelle Jesse (2019)
Allison Tong (2019)
Trainee: Jill Giordano (2018)

2017-2018 Initiatives

  • Poll the PSCOP about their input on developing a white paper or programming for the ATC on drug testing in transplantation populations
  • Submit at least one program idea for the ATC 2018
  • Continue to host either journal clubs or develop a white paper on drug testing if sufficient interest is present for this initiative
  • Continue to ensure COP mission statement and strategic plan are aligned to AST strategic vision and demonstrate progress on the strategic plan in subsequent years) by participating in regular updates of our activities with the AST Board of Directors and through our board liaison
  • Continue to review the education needs assessment on an annual basis
  • Continue to archive manuscripts developed by the PSCOP and other educational offerings from the ATC that are available for our use
  • Nominate one member for the AST board
  • Encourage our membership to continue to meet at other appropriate venues such as the APM, APA, ELPAT and others
  • Continue to stimulate member interest and ideas through the PSCOP Hub, including continuing our initiative of having EC members “host the hub” each month to promote activity on the website
  • Continue to support trainees to stimulate their interest in becoming members of the AST
  • Continue to provide regular updates to the COP membership (minimum of once per quarter) and to the Board