Psychosocial Community of Practice (PSCOP)

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2018-2019 Executive Committee

Chair: Kristin Kuntz (2020)
Co-chair: Michelle Jesse (2020)
Past Chair: Sheila Jowsey-Gregoire (2020)
Board Liaison: Howie Gebel (2019)
Beverly Hansen (2019)
Stephan Weinland (2019)
Allison Tong (2019)
Wendy Balliet (2020)
John Peipert (2020)
Trainee: Heather Bruschwein (2019)

Staff Liaison: Staff Liaison: Amber Nolan (

2018-2019 Initiatives

  • We have started a Caregiver Workgroup to explore and address the needs of transplant patients’ caregivers. Multiple members of the COP who are not on the EC have joined this.
  • We will submit at least one program for ATC 2019 and plan to collaborate with other COP’s for multidisciplinary topics.
  • The Caregiver Workgroup is planning on developing a Caregiver toolkit. In addition, the white paper on drug testing will continue to develop.
  • We will continue to ensure this by participating in regular updates of our activities with the AST Board of Directors and through our board liason.
  • The education committee will use the Hub to survey the PSCOP about topics of interest.
  • We will continue to archive manuscripts developed by the PSCOP and other educational offerings from the ATC that are available for our use.
  • We will nominate a member for the Board or another leadership position.
  • We will continue to encourage posting on the Hub when members are attending other conferences with transplant content and organize meet-ups there.
  • We will continue to encourage members to post questions, publications of interest, and new ideas on the Hub.
  • Due to high activity level of new AST members it shows an increased profile of the COP; we will continue to encourage membership renewal.
  • Will share quarterly highlights from EC monthly meetings on the Hub and to the Board.