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Psychosocial Community of Practice (PSCOP)

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2016-2017 Executive Committee

Staff Liaison: Anne Kreiss (

Chair: Sheila Jowsey-Gregoire
Co-chair: Kristin Kuntz
Past Chair: Zeeshan Butt
Board Liaison: Josh Levitsky
Mary Amanda Dew
Rebecca Hays
Larissa Myaskovsky
Christina Spivey
Charlie Thomas
Stephan R. Weinland
Trainee: TBD

2016-2017 Initiatives

  • Initiate workgroup to address the feasibility of disseminating a best practices approach to the psychosocial care of living donors, including: (1) completing a literature review, (2) soliciting expert opinion from PSCOP members and Executive Committee, LDCOP membership, and ethicists, (3) contracting researchers actively engaged in qualitative researchon psychosocial barriers to donation outside of North America, and (4) developing recommendations to address identified deficits which may include: future presentations at the ATC, creation of white paper, and development of pilot projects with populations where donation has been relatively underutilized due to psychosocial programmatic barriers.
  • Continue existing partnership with ISHLT to publish guidelines for psychosocial evaluation of heart transplant candidates, including maanuscript development.
  • Submit at least one ATC program proposal for 2017
  • Initiate regular rotating host for PSCOP hub site who will discuss interesting clinical scenarios, provide updates on research, and review notable journal articles
  • Review and update strategic plan, taking it to the AST Board for approval
  • Archive articles presented by the rotating hub hosts for membership, and update existing curated list of psychosocial guidelines
  • Nominate members for AST board and other leadership roles within the society
  • Utilize hub to notify members of upcoming meetings of interest that include relevant transplant psychosocial content to encourage networking
  • Consider providing travel grants for ATC and financially supporting membership for the trainee selected to serve on this EC
  • Ongoing growth and use of The Hub as a resource for member communication and engagement