Pediatric Community of Practice (PCOP)

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2018-2019 Executive Committee

Staff Liaison: Anne Kreiss (

Chair: Beau Kelly (2019)
Co-Chair: Joshua Blatter (2019)
Past Chair: Jens Goebel (2019)
Board Liaison: Marian Michaels (2019)
Deborah Ann Andersen (2019)
Roshan George (2019)
Julia Steinke (2019)
Katherine Twombley (2019)
Antonette Flecha (2020)
Juliet Emamaullee (2020)
Trainee: Sharad Wadhwani (2019)

2018-2019 Initiatives

  • Continue and enhance the Executive Committee’s outreach to solicit the whole PCOP membership’s involvement in different workgroups
  • Continue to propose educational opportunities for ATC meetings
  • Existing content (transplant brochure for pediatric families, transition materials) is being considered for revision on an ongoing basis. Journal clubs and the Patient Summit provide ongoing opportunities for content creation
  • Evaluation of COP mission statement and strategic plan alignment is ongoing, and it is confirmed via contact with the AST Board
  • PCOP will seek regular feedback from the Education Committee to assist with assessing membership needs
  • Initial online repository is in place on the Hub and is revised as needed
  • Assist with nomination process, and seek candidates as needed. Prior to nomination, we will solicit feedback from the Board regarding potentially underrepresented segments of the membership among whom we could seek a candidate
  • Use the Hub to provide opportunities for the membership to network/collaborate throughout the year (outside of ATC)
  • Encourage members to suggest initiatives and share ideas through the Hub
  • Explore different options to enhance membership options for pediatric-focused transplant professionals
  • PCOP will publicize the minutes of the Executive Committee meetings, invite comment on the Hub, and reach out to the Board on an ongoing basis via the Board Liaison