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Pediatric Community of Practice (PCOP) Trainee and Allied Health Membership Grant Program

2017-2018 Executive Committee

Staff Liaison: Anne Kreiss (

Chair: Beau Kelly (2019)
Co-Chair: Joshua Blatter (2019)
Past Chair: Jens Goebel (2019)
Board Liaison: Marian Michaels (2018)
Deborah Ann Andersen (2018)
Priya Verghese (2018)
Roshan George (2019)
Julia Steinke (2019)
Katherine Twombley (2019)
Trainee: Cadence Kuklinski (2018)

2017-2018 Initiatives

  • Continue and enhance the Executive Committee’s outreach to solicit and nurture the whole PCOP membership’s involvement in different workgroups
  • Submit at least one idea for an educational opportunity (either through an ATC program proposal or another mechanism)
  • Content (transplant brochure for pediatric patients and families; transition materials) has been created and is being expanded (e.g., Spanish translation of the brochure). Additional content will likely be related to efforts to promote living kidney donation
  • Ensure COP mission statement and strategic plan are aligned to AST strategic vision and demonstrate progress on the strategic plan
  • PCOP leadership has contributed to the recently completed transplant video/podcast curriculum by the education committee and will continue to participate
  • Complete ongoing projects with several workgroups (website and transition)
  • Continue to build online repository on the Hub
  • Nominate candidates for AST Board and COP leadership roles
  • Use the Hub to provide opportunities for the membership to network/collaborate throughout the year (outside of ATC)
  • Encourage members to suggest initiatives and share ideas through the Hub
  • Update and expand the community's (and Society's) advocacy for living donation
  • Explore different options to enhance membership options for pediatric-focused transplant professionals
  • Formation of a PCOP newsletter workgroup has been proposed to the membership.