Past Research

88 percent

of past AST grant recipients are still involved in transplantation

92 percent

of past AST grant recipients are still involved in research

82 percent

of past AST grant recipients say their AST grant had a significant impact on their career

33 percent

of recipients received an NIH K-series grant for the same project

received an NIH R01 for the same project


AST Career Development Grants

AST TIRN/Astellas Clinical Science Faculty Development Research Grant Wayne M Tsuang, MD, MHS
Cleveland Clinic
Research Title: Improving Access to Lung Transplant with Broader Geographic Sharing
AST TIRN/Bristol-Myers Squibb Basic Science Fellowship Research Grant Scott Krummey, MD, PhD
Emory University School of Medicine
Research Title: Dual Coinhibitor Receptor Signaling to Restrain Graft-Specific Memory T-Helper 17 Cell Responses
AST TIRN/Wood MacMillan Charitable Fund Allied Health Professional Research Grant Jennifer Trofe-Clark, PharmD, BCPS, FCCP, FAST
Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania
Research Title: Assessments of Literacy, Cognitive Function and Medication Knowledge in Renal Transplant Recipients in the Ambulatory Care Setting
AST TIRN Basic Science Faculty Development Research Grant Anne D Cherry, MD
Duke University
Research Title: Interface of Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Immune Activation in Heterotopic Mouse Heart Transplant
AST TIRN Translational Science Fellowship Research Grant Mark Snyder, MD
Columbia University Medical Center
Research Title: Role of Tissue Resident Memory T Cells in Both Acute and Chronic Rejection following Lung Transplantation

Special Directed Grants

AST/Astellas Biomarkers Research Grant David Rothstein, MD, PhD
Johns Hopkins
Research Title: Transitional-1 (T1) B Cell Cytokine Ratio as an Prognostic Biomarker for Clinical Course in Renal Transplantation that Guides Therapeutic Intervention