Manuscript Review and Approval Policy

This document serves as guidance to AST committees, communities of practice, advisory councils, working groups, or similar (hereafter referred to as “Committee(s)”); and individual members who seek publication of a white paper, opinion or position paper, practice guideline, patient education brochure, proceedings paper, etc. on behalf of the AST..

Approval of manuscript project

All projects led, coordinated, and/or funded by the AST or any of its Committees which are likely to result in a manuscript for publication must have the project officially approved by the AST Board prior to beginning the work.

  • If the project was included as one of the Committee’s approved initiatives for the current year, no further approval is needed to proceed with a draft.
  • Otherwise, the AST National Office must be notified. The AST Executive Director will present the proposed project to the Board for consideration. The Education Committee may also be advised/consulted, as needed. Please include:
    • Preliminary Title
    • Author(s)
    • Summary of Content and Objectives
    • Anticipated Deadline for Completion
    • Desired Publication

Review of the manuscript

Prior to submission for publication, the final draft of the manuscript must be reviewed by two board members (or other content experts as selected by the President).  The reviewers will:

  • Assess the academic quality of the manuscript, and
  • Determine whether the manuscript is congruent with the Society’s mission and strategic plan. 

The reviewers will receive a copy of this policy and the Manuscript Review Checklist, and be asked to make one of several recommendations to the Board:

1) Approval for submission with the AST’s endorsement;

2) Approval for submission as a work-product of the (Name of Committee, COP, or taskforce);

3) Approval for 1) or 2) after minor revisions

4) Recommendation for re-review after major revisions; or

5) Recommendation for disapproval.

Endorsed Work Products

For papers written by Committee, manuscripts approved by the AST Board for submission with the Society’s endorsement should state, “This manuscript is a work product of the American Society of Transplantation’s (Name of Committee or COP) and has been endorsed by the American Society of Transplantation.”  

For papers written by individual AST member(s) on behalf of the AST, manuscripts approved for submission with the AST’s endorsement should state, “This manuscript has been endorsed by the American Society of Transplantation.” 

Manuscripts receiving this designation should represent high-quality academic work of broad impact and interest to the transplant community.

Referencing the AST: Non-endorsed Work Products

Manuscripts not endorsed but approved by the AST Board for submission as a work-product of an AST Committee or Taskforce should state, “This manuscript is a work product of the American Society of Transplantation’s (Name of Committee, COP, or taskforce).” 

Submission, Revisions, and Acceptance of Manuscript

Only manuscripts approved for submission by the AST Board may use the AST name or the name of any AST Committee in the title or elsewhere in the manuscript.

Endorsed manuscripts must first be submitted to the American Journal of Transplantation unless a compelling reason to submit it elsewhere has been provided to and approved by the Board.

Approved manuscripts may be submitted to a journal/publisher selected by the author(s).

Authors are asked to notify the board if substantial changes are required by the journal/publisher, as the Board may need to re-review the manuscript to ensure that AST endorsement is still applicable. 

Authors are also asked to notify the AST National Office when the manuscript is accepted, and when/where it will be published.

All manuscripts approved by the AST will be made available to the entire membership as either full text on the AST website or by a link to the content on the copyright owner’s website.


Approved by the AST Board of Directors: August 2014

Revised: October 2014

Revised: May 2015

Revised: June 2016