Policy for Endorsement of Meetings or Educational Activities

Approved by the AST Board of Directors: August 12, 2015

Modified by the AST Board of Directors: August 1, 2018

General Information

In order to uphold the value and integrity of the AST name, the AST Board of Directors and Education Committee developed criteria and operational procedures to ensure that all activities directly or indirectly associated with AST are of the highest quality. This document outlines the procedure that we will follow to review and approve your endorsement request.

AST will provide endorsement to third parties only for meetings and educational activities that support the mission of the AST and are in compliance with this policy. AST will only consider requests related to specific initiatives; organizations as a whole are not advertised, endorsed, or sponsored.

"Endorsement" is defined as the use of AST’s name and/or logo by a third party in relation to a meeting or educational activity that has been vetted and approved by AST. Endorsement is generally limited to activities developed by non-profit organizations, but requests from individuals and other organizations will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Endorsement Procedure

Endorsement of a Live Meeting or Web-based/Enduring Activity

The intention of endorsement is for a third party to be able to use AST’s name and logo to support the content of their meeting or educational activity and to notify participants that AST supports the goals of the meeting or activity. AST will not endorse an activity that has already been executed/launched. 


  1. The meeting or activity content must align with the AST mission statement.
  2. The organizer must adhere to a conflict of interest disclosure policy for all faculty.
  3. The organizer must certify that the content will be free from commercial bias, scientific in nature, evidence-based, and that presenters will remain objective in their conclusions.
  4. The organizer must provide a copy of the program and/or supplementary materials available at the time of the endorsement request.
  5. AST must be provided the option to review any prior or subsequent publication(s) that may be created based on the meeting or activity.
  6. Upon request, the organizer must provide a summary of the meeting or activity after it takes place, including any available evaluation results.

Fee Structure

  • AST charges a $250 fee for all endorsement requests. This fee is non-refundable and covers the administrative time for material review and promotion if endorsement is approved. An additional fee may be charged on a case-by-case basis for a medical education company, industry, or other for-profit third party.
  • Upon receiving the request for endorsement (see "Procedure" below), AST will provide a direct link to pay the $250 endorsement fee online via credit card. If payment via credit card is not possible, please let us know when you submit you request.


A one-page proposal must be submitted to the AST National Office at least 90 days prior to the date(s) of the meeting or launch of the activity. The proposal can be sent by email to AST's Education Program Manager, Brian Valeria at bvaleria@myast.org. This proposal must summarize the activity and describe the roles and responsibilities of all parties involved. To be considered complete, it should include the following:

  • Program draft (as an attachment)
  • Information related to CMEs or other credits awarded for attendance or participation
  • List of sponsoring institutions
  • List of activity sponsors
  • List of any additional endorsers

Once the endorsement request fee is paid, the Education Committee will review the proposal and supplementary materials to ensure the meeting or activity is in alignment with AST’s mission and educational strategic plan. The Education Committee makes a recommendation to the Board of Directors, who determines the final ruling. 

Approval of Endorsement

If approved, the requestor is permitted the following acknowledgements of AST endorsement:

  1. Permission to use the AST name and logo on print and electronic materials, with approval in writing by AST before such materials are printed/distributed
  2. One blast email will be sent to AST membership by the AST, with language provided by the requestor 
  3. The activity will be listed on the AST web calendar
  4. The requestor should note “endorsed by the American Society of Transplantation” on the website and in all related materials

Terms and Conditions

  1. Endorsement is granted as a one-time use and a new application must be completed for any reoccurring programs, or additional dates from the initial approval
  2. Any changes in the program after endorsement must be communicated immediately to AST and, if such changes breach the endorsement guidelines, this may result in loss of endorsement status 
  3. AST assumes no financial responsibility or liability for the program
  4. AST does not provide continuing education credit or financial support for endorsed activities
  5. AST will officially declare endorsement after proposal and program have been approved, and the administrative fee (from for-profit organizations only) has been received
  6. Endorsement may be withdrawn at any time if AST comes to believe that the meeting or activity will not meet the requirements and conditions outlined above 

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