Trainee and Young Faculty Community of Practice (TYF COP)

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2021-2022 Executive Committee

Chair: Carli Lehr (2022)
Co-Chair: Samira Farouk (2022)
Past Chair: Deepika Devuni (2022)
Board Liaison: Jon Kobashigawa (2022)
Manpreet Samra (2023)
Saed Shawar (2023)
Syed Husain (2022)
Shikha Mehta (2022)

Staff Liaison: Anne Kreiss (

Mission Statement 

The Trainee and Young Faculty Community of Practice (TYF COP) has been established to provide opportunities for trainees and young faculty to actively engage with the American Society of Transplantation (AST). The TYF COP facilitates networking within the AST by connecting trainees and young faculty in the field of transplantation with peers and senior members to enable them to exchange thoughts, establish research collaborations, and participate in educational programs.


  • Encourage members to share ideas through the online communities
  • Increase mentorship and sponsorship of trainees and young faculty within the AST
  • Sponsor educational activities to allow trainees and young faculty to enhance presentation skills, present novel research findings, and receive constructive feedback

2021-2022 Initiatives

  • Continue to highlight a TYF COP member on the HUP monthly. It has led to positive engagement. 
  • Encourage Education Subcommittee to post cases on the Hub.
  • Continue to propose educational sessions for the ATC.
  • Submit High Impact AJT papers session, mentor-mentee session, and oral presentation with collaboration with ASTS.
  • Continue ongoing updates to the Comprehensive Trainee Curriculum (CTC). Updated videos are now being recorded.
  • Develop a TYF COP mission statement and strategic plan and present to the AST Board.
  • Based on the Needs Assessment survey, members of the TYF COP are looking for mentorship and networking. The COP will collaborate with COTS and other COPs for this.
  • Work on creating an online repository for trainee and early career member resources such as grants and involvement in communities.
  • Try to nominate early career members in leadership positions within the AST.
  • Encourage TYF COP networking at other organ-specific meetings such as ASN Kidney Week, The Liver Meeting, etc.
  • Continue member engagement via Twitter and the Hub.
  • Open call for new initiatives at the TYF COP Annual meeting during the virtual ATC 2020.
  • Educate trainees about the COP and AST by engaging program directors in training programs.
  • Educate members regarding trainee membership reduced rate as well as subsequent reduced rates for meeting.
  • Continue sending welcome emails to all new TYF COP members.
  • Chair will continue to provide regular updates to the Board.