Trainee & Young Faculty Community of Practice (TYF COP)

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2019-2020 Executive Committee

Chair: Nissreen Elfadawy (2020)
Co-Chair: Deepika Devuni (2020)
Past Chair: Kevin Daly (2020)
Board Liaison: John Gill (2020)
Melissa Laub (2020)
Silvi Shah (2020)
Anshul Bhalla (2021)
Samira Farouk (2021)

Staff Liaison: Anne Kreiss (

Mission Statement 

The Trainee and Young Faculty Community of Practice (TYF COP) has been established to provide opportunities for trainees and young faculty to actively engage with the American Society of Transplantation (AST). The TYF COP facilitates networking within the AST by connecting trainees and young faculty in the field of transplantation with peers and senior members to enable them to exchange thoughts, establish research collaborations, and participate in educational programs.


  • Encourage members to share ideas through the online communities
  • Increase mentorship and sponsorship of trainees and young faculty within the AST
  • Sponsor educational activities to allow trainees and young faculty to enhance presentation skills, present novel research findings, and receive constructive feedback

2019-2020 Initiatives

  • Encourage TYF COP members to post interesting cases on the HUP and discuss with other members and seniors.
  • Continue /re-try to highlight a TYFCOP member on the HUP monthly – with fun facts. This helps to increase engagement in the community. 
  • Continue to propose educational sessions for the ATC; High impact AJT papers session, Mentorship sessions, early and mid-career challenges sessions, etc..
  • Encourage TYF COP (with collaboration with other COP) to host journal clubs discussing the most innovative research papers published in high tier journals eg: AJT.
  • Continue to work on refreshing the CTC contents.
  • We will develop a TYF COP mission statement and strategic plan and present to the AST Board.
  • Based on TYF COP survey analysis conducted in 2018-2019, we will assess members’ educational needs and plan accordingly. 
  • We will continue our AST user guide project, follow up on the production costs, and plan to distribute it among users and members (welcome email with user guide attached as a pdf file).
  • Establish a twitter/ Social media account to discuss and share information and increase visibility and engagement. 
  • Although it was not done prior given the relatively younger/junior population of the COP, we will try to involve members in leadership positions within the AST.
  • Initiate a “Support me” event when members support each other when presents at ATC or other meetings (e.g. CEOT).
  • Encourage social gathering in meetings (ASN kidney week, fellow symposium, etc..) so as members meet together.
  •  Will reach out to TYF COP via Hub whenever needed for suggestions and comments as well as promoting activities and opportunities.
  • Educate members regarding trainee membership reduced rate as well as subsequent reduced rates for meeting.
  • Promote for AST membership on social media account.
  • Spread the word regarding free AST membership for referring new members.
  • Quarterly report and updates to be distributed.