Transplant Pharmacy Community of Practice (TxPharm COP)


2019-2020 Executive Committee

Staff Liaison: Anne Kreiss (

Chair: David Taber (2021)
Co-Chair: Barrett Crowther (2021)
Board Liaison: Lisa Potter (2020)
Nicole Alvey (2020)
Patricia West-Thielke (2020)
Joelle Nelson (2021)
Amanda Szczepanik (2021)
Early Career: Mariesa Cote (2020)

2019-2020 Initiatives

Engage the community through work on meaningful initiatives that are addressed by different workgroups (outside of the executive committee).

  1. Redesign the communication workgroup to make it member centric and focused on delivering information in a multimodal method approved by the majority of stakeholders
  2. Continue to work towards a regular formal newsletter with joint AST/ACCP/ISHLT/ASHP workgroup

Submit at least one idea for an educational opportunity (either through an ATC program proposal or another mechanism).

  1. Submit programming for ATC 2020
  2. Submit programming for transplant related symposia at the 2019 ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting
  3. Sponsor AST Online Journal Club
  4. Submit T3 Topic

Create content that serves the community and the AST at large, such as guidelines, white papers, journal clubs, etc.

  1. Update the content on the AST website pertaining to the issue of off-label drug coverage denials from Medicare D plans
  2. Address the issue of off-label drug coverage denials from Medicare D plans by continuing to work with CMS-approved drug compendia to consider revisions to individual drug entries through C4 initiative
  3. Continue advocacy in support of proposed amended UNOS bylaws regarding the role and responsibilities of transplant pharmacists
  4. Finish joint work with ASHP/ACCP/ISHLT on formal ASHP Statement, Guidance Document, and Table of Recommendations for Transplant Pharmacy Services
  5. Collaborate with the AST Education Committee to update patient education brochure materials
  6. Facilitate the roll out of the Board of Pharmaceutical Specialties in the development of the Transplant Pharmacy Board Certification Exam
  7. Continue efforts for conducting research and developing programs to support the Transplant Pharmacist Adherence Consortium (TPAC)
  8. Continue collaboration with the PSCOP on the Drug Testing Consortium
  9. Develop new collaboration with the AST KPCOP on immunosuppression weaning practices after graft failure 

Ensure COP mission statement and strategic plan are aligned to AST strategic vision and demonstrate progress on the strategic plan in subsequent years.

  1. 2017-2019 Strategic Plan aligned with the Mission and Vision of the AST in the following areas: Governance; Education; Research; Advocacy; Development; Workforce; Public Policy
  2. Continue to develop and foster relationships and collaboration with other COPs through COP liaisons focused on a) medication adherence, b) transitions from pediatrics to adulthood, c) infectious disease; d) education, e) QAPI, f) immunosuppression management 

Assess member educational needs with input from the education committee.

  1. Conduct an educational needs assessment at the 2019 TxPharm COP Business Meeting and in collaboration with the AST Education Committee.

Maintain on the COP Hub.

  1. Member contact information
  2. Calendar of events
  3. Newsletters
  4. Goals and initiatives
  5. Minutes from EC meetings
  6. Directory of TxPharm training programs
  7. Reference collection
  8. Transplant website resources
  9. Discussion board archives
  10. Shared protocols

Identify exceptional members for nomination to the:

  1. AST Board of Directors
  2. AST Committees
  3. AST Awards
  4. AST Fellow

Provide opportunities for the membership to network/collaborate throughout the year (outside of ATC).

  1. Organize mentoring/social events for trainees at 2018 ASHP Midyear, 2019 UHC, and 2020 ATC

Encourage members to suggest initiatives and share ideas through the online communities.

  1. Discussion forum on COP Hub
  2. Monthly blog from new practitioner or resident
  3. Survey on best communication methods with members, implement changes based on this

Actively sustain COP-to-AST membership conversion and growth of the COP and AST.

  1. Welcome/orientation email from the chair/co-chair highlighting how members can get involved in COP initiatives/workgroups
  2. Three Transplant Pharmacy COP New Practitioner Travel Grants ($1,000 each) for ATC 2019
  3. Encourage donations during AST giving campaigns with directed donations to the causes of the member’s choice (AST/TIRN/COP, etc.)

Provide regular updates to the COP membership (minimum of once per quarter) and to the Board.

  1. New communication initiatives based on survey at ATC business meeting
  2. Dedicated EC meeting time for two-way reporting (board liaison to EC, EC to board liaison)
  3. Minutes from EC meetings to the COP Hub for member review