Communities of Practice

Transplant Pharmacy Community of Practice (TxPharm COP)



2016-2017 Executive Committee

Staff Liaison: Anne Kreiss (

Chair: Lisa Potter
Co-Chair: Angela Maldonado
Past Chair: Eric Tichy
Board Liaison: Sharon Bartosh
Lindsey Bowman
Jillian Fose
Timothy Horwedel
Christina Doligalski
Trainee: Alicia Lichvar

2016-2017 Initiatives

  • Reinforce project workgroup structure to include: (1) specific goals and objectives, (2) 1-2 leaders, and (3) 10-20 members
  • Launch 2017 Organ Donor Challenge (including a transplant pharmacy collaborator at each of the 129 pharmacy schools)
  • Submit programs for ATC 2017
  • Organize a transplant-related educational program at the 2016 ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting and submit a proposal for similar programming at the 2017 ASHP midyear clinical meeting
  • Post quarterly clinical cases for discussion on the hub site
  • Host quarterly journal clubs for COP members
  • Complete manuscript providing 10-year review of immunosuppressive trends for AJT
  • Address the problem of off-label drug coverage denials from Medicare C/D plans by drafting a booklet outlining discrepancies in CMS coverage policies for submission to AST Board
  • Address the probiem of off label drug coverage denaisl from Medicare C/D plans by working with CMS-approved durg compendia to consider revisions to individual drug entries
  • Continue advocacy in support of an OPTN/UNOS bylaws rewrite to reinstate detail regarding role and responsibility of transplant pharmacists
  • Assist the Pharmacy Quality Alliance (PQA) with its effort to develop immunosuppression adherence metrics that can be used to crade Medicare C/D plans
  • Support joint effort with the Pediatrics COP on Genentech's Legacy Project focusion on transition from pediatric to adult care readiness and resources
  • Support joint work with ASHP/ACCP/ISHLT to establish formal ASHP guidelines on transplant pharmacist services
  • Support joint work with ASHP/ACCP/ISHLT to update the PGY2 transplant pharmacy residency training goals and objectives
  • Complete annual review and update of the "Medicines for Keeping Your Transplanted Organ Healthy" document on the AST website's patient information section.
  • Submit manuscript on pharmacy student attitudes regarding organ donation to AJPE
  • Draft new 2016-2019 strategic plan
  • Undertake planning efforts to explore: (1) strengthening role of the COP liaisions, (2) needs/opportunities related to adherence, (3) needs/opportunities related to transition of care, (3) needs/opportunities related to education, (4) needs/opportunities related to QAPI
  • Conduct educational needs assessment of COP members in collaboration with the AST Education Committee
  • Maintain content on the COP's hub ste
  • Identify exceptional COP members for nomination to the AST Noard, committees, awards, and FAST designation
  • Organize mentoring events for transplant pharmacist trainees at the 2016 ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting, the 2016 UHC Meeting, and the 2017 ATC
  • Host discussion forum on the hub site
  • Welcome and orient new COP members to highlight opportunities for involvement.
  • Offer two COP New Practitioner Tranvel Grants ($1,000 each) for ATC 2017
  • Post quarterly newsletter (2 issues are AST-specific and 2 issues will be joint AST/ACCP/ASHP/ISHLT newsletter, bringing all transplant pharmacist communities together)
  • Reserve time during each Executive Committee meeting for 2-way reporting (AST Board to COP and vice versa)
  • Post minutes from Executive Committee meetings to the COP's hub site for member review