Communities of Practice

Transplant Pharmacy Community of Practice (TxPharm COP)


2017-2018 Executive Committee

Staff Liaison: Anne Kreiss (

Chair: Angela Maldonado (2019)
Co-Chair: David Taber (2019)
Past Chair: Lisa Potter (2019)
Board Liaison: Jesse Schold (2018)
Lyndsey Bowman (2018)
Timothy Horwedel (2018)
Maya Campara (2019)
Jennifer Iuppa Melaragno (2019)
Trainee: Elisabeth Kincaide (2018)

2017-2018 Initiatives

  • Strengthen workgroup structure with 1-2 leads, 10-15 members with goal of recruitment of ~5 new members per group (Education; Online Community, Organ Donation; Mentoring/Trainee; Public Policy; Newsletter; Awards)
  • Establish joint AST/ACCP/ISHLT/ASHP workgroup comprised of the pharmacy leadership of each respective society to streamline joint transplant pharmacy ventures with biannual joint newsletter
  • Launch AST educational initiatives with corporate partners/sponsorship (Walgreens, Pfizer, Veloxis)
  • Conduct 2018 Organ Donation Challenges with Walgreens and Veloxis support
  • Submit programming for ATC 2018, CEOT 2018, and Fellows Symposium 2018 per AST’s call for program proposals
  • Submit programming for transplant related symposia at the 2017 and 2018 ASHP Midyear Clinical Meetings
  • Submit programming for AST sponsored joint symposia at the 2018 ACCP Annual Meeting
  • Post quarterly clinical cases (or other education activity to engage our members in clinical discussions) through the COP Hub
  • Host quarterly journal clubs for COP members
  • Host/Sponsor an AST Online Journal Club
  • Complete manuscript providing a 10-year review of immunosuppressive trends for AJT
  • Maintain the content on the AST website pertaining to the issue of off-label drug coverage denials from Medicare D plans
  • Draft a one-pager for the AST Board addressing the issue of Medicare Part B regional variance in drug dispensing policies and enforcement, including delivery of discharge medications to hospitals
  • Address the issue of off-label drug coverage denials from Medicare D plans by continuing to work with CMS-approved drug compendia to consider revisions to individual drug entries
  • Complete manuscript detailing the issue of off label drug coverage denials from Medicare D plan and highlight the percentage of use of vulnerable medications per organ transplant type for NEJM
  • Continue advocacy in support of proposed amended UNOS bylaws regarding the role and responsibilities of transplant pharmacists
  • Assist the Pharmacy Quality Alliance (PQA) with their effort to develop immunosuppressant adherence metrics that can be used to grade Medicare D plans
  • Provide ongoing support for the initiatives stemming from the AST Transition Consensus Conference
  • Complete joint work with ASHP/ACCP/ISHLT on formal ASHP Statement, Guidance Document, and Table of Recommendations for Transplant Pharmacy Services
  • Complete joint work with ASHP/ACC/ISHLT to update the PYG2 transplant pharmacy residency training goals and objectives
  • Collaborate with the AST Education Committee to update patient education brochure materials
  • Support ACCP initiatives on “Transplant Pharmacists as Clinical and Translational Scientists” project
  • Support the Board of Pharmaceutical Specialties in the development of the Transplant Pharmacy Board Certification Exam
  • Ensure that the 2017-2019 Strategic Plan is aligned with the Mission and Vision of the AST in the following areas: Governance; Education; Research; Advocacy; Development; Workforce; Public Policy
  • Develop working relationships and collaboration with other COP through COP liaisons focused on a) medication adherence, 2) transitions from pediatrics to adulthood, 3) infectious disease; 4) education, 5) QAPI
  • Conduct an educational needs assessment at the 2018 TxPharm COP Business Meeting and in collaboration with the AST Education Committee
    • Maintain content on the COP HUB
    • Member contact information
    • Calendar of events
    • Newsletters
    • Goals & initiatives
    • Minutes from EC meetings
    • Directory of TxPharm training programs
    • Reference collection
    • Transplant website resources
    • Discussion board archives
    • Shared protocols
  • Identify exceptional members for nomination to the
    • AST Board of Directors
    • AST Committees
    • AST Awards
    • AST Fellow
  • Organize mentoring/social events for trainees at 2017 ASHP Midyear, 2017 UHC, 2018 WSC, 2018 MPRC, and ATC
  • Establish an online directory of research interests/collaboration with links to AST TIRN, ACCP PBRN
  • Discussion forum on COP HUB
  • Case series on COP HUB
  • Monthly blog from the AST Chair regarding current events in transplant pharmacy
  • Welcome/orientation email from the chair/co-chair highlighting how members can get involved in COP initiatives/workgroups
  • Two Transplant Pharmacy COP New Practitioner Travel Grans ($1000 each) for ATC 2018
  • Encourage donations during AST giving campaigns with directed donations to the causes of the member’s choice (AST/TIRN/COP etc.)
  • Active membership drives through Chair monthly blogs (refer a friend, etc.)
  • Quarterly member spotlight
  • Quarterly newsletters (2 AST COP specific, 2 joint AST/ACCP/ASHP/ISHLT) to update all transplant pharmacist communities together
  • Dedicated EC meeting time for two-way reporting (board liaison to EC, EC to board liaison)
  • Minutes from EC meetings to the COP HUB for member review