Annual Organ Donation Challenge

Qualifications for Submission: As many of you are aware, April is National Organ Donation Awareness Month! The AST Transplant Pharmacy Community of Practice supports an annual event called “The Organ Donation Challenge”. The Challenge relies on collaboration with pharmacy schools and student chapters of pharmacy professional organizations.  Students are challenged to design and conduct at least one organ donation event and submit a summary by Friday, May 14, 2021, at 11:59 pm PST

Here you can see the Up-to-date Organ Donation Program Guide.

Qualifications for Submission:

  1. Have a collaborator who is a current member of AST
  2. Have a collaborator who is a current member of the AST Transplant Pharmacy COP
  3. Submit a two-page, typed summary of activities in paragraph form submitted via email to Kayla Joyal at and Emily Sartain at
  4. The Best Overall, Best New Project, and Most Sustainable Project require one application
  5. The Best Resident Project requires an additional one-page typed summary of activities performed by the resident as well as a letter of confirmation of the resident’s involvement from the school’s AST Champion


  1. The Best Overall Project
    Awarded to the group who receives the overall highest score. The winner of this category will be featured at the 2021 American Transplant Congress and the winning school will receive an engraved plaque in recognition of their efforts. A monetary prize of $500 is sponsored by Veloxis Pharmaceuticals is awarded to the Best Overall Project. 
  2. Best New Project
    Awarded to a school that has not previously submitted a project to the Organ Donation Challenge.  The new school with the best new project will be awarded a monetary prize of $250 sponsored by Veloxis Pharmaceuticals.
  3. Most Sustainable Project
    Awarded to a school whose efforts are most likely to be continued on an annual basis. The school will provide justification on how their events are likely to be sustained. The most sustainable project will be awarded a monetary prize of $250 sponsored by Veloxis Pharmaceuticals.
  4. Best Resident Project
    Awarded to the top-scoring application with significant resident involvement. In order to apply, the resident who participated will provide an overview of their involvement and submit their letter to Anne Kreiss (, Kayla Joyal (, Emily Sartain (, and their AST Champion via email. The best resident project will be awarded a $250 monetary prize sponsored by Veloxis Pharmaceuticals.

Judging of Award :
The criteria to be considered in choosing the winner of the organ donation challenge will be determined by a subcommittee of judges who will volunteer to read all of the submissions to the challenge. The judges will not be eligible for the award. The judges will consider both qualitative and quantitative factors involved in the projects. Exact criteria can not be set in advance of the challenge because there may be some creative projects, which are encouraged, that could not be anticipated. Determination of the winner will be judged for the outcome for the ultimate winners; the transplant recipients. In this spirit, it is anticipated that there may be cooperation across competing teams to provide advice and assistance to other challenge groups. The challenge winner could be awarded to an individual or team. If the award goes to a team, it may be utilized by the team to award the team leader, the most productive member, lottery, or any manner the team decides.

The challenge will include a focus on collaboration with the schools of pharmacy. We will work with a pilot set of schools of pharmacy for the organ donation awareness challenge, mainly working through the student-affiliated APhA and ASHP organizations. Encouragement for participation by the schools of pharmacy will be extended through the AST Pharmacy community of practice.