Liver and Intestinal Community of Practice (LICOP)

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2018-2019 Executive Committee

Staff Liaison: Anne Kreiss (

Chair: Helen Te (2020)
Co-Chair: Elizabeth Verna (2020)
Past Chair: Jennifer Lai (2020)
Board Liaison: David Foley (2018)
Jacqueline O'Leary (2019)
John Bucuvalas (2020)
Lisa VanWagner (2020)
Trainee: Justin Boike (2019)

Mission Statement

The American Society of Transplantation Liver and Intestinal Community of Practice is an organization of health care professionals and scientists dedicated to advancing the field of liver and intestinal transplantation and improving the care of patients with end stage liver and intestine diseases by promoting research, education, advocacy, access, and organ donation.

2018-2019 Initiatives

  • Actively engage members of LICOP through activities within the education, public policy/advocacy, intestinal, and pediatric subcommittees
  • Recruit new membership into LICOP through increased visibility of LICOP subcommittees
  • Submit a minimum of three program proposals for ATC 2019
  • Submit at least one journal club or T3 series webinar proposal
  • Develop at least one idea for a guideline/white paper that serves the interests of LICOP and AST at large, or
  • Conduct at least one research project that addresses relevant clinical question/s in liver and/or intestinal transplantation
  • Evaluate alignment of the activities of LICOP semi-annually against the AST mission statement and strategic plan
  • Conduct an annual survey of LICOP members to assess education topics of interest and/or gaps in knowledge
  • Keep an updated repository of UNOS proposals that impact liver and intestinal transplantation
  • Post all LICOP publications in the online library
  • Submit at least one nomination of AST Board/other leadership positions within AST
  • Submit at least one nomination for AST awards
  • Host an in-person meeting at a meeting outside of ATC (AASLD, CEOT, or ILTS)
  • Monthly to bimonthly subcommittee telephone conferences to promote continuous engagement of members in subcommittee activities
  • Post clinical or research questions, discussions, and networking or collaboration opportunities on the Hub
  • Send personalized welcome letters to new members from COP Chair or Co-Chair, with invitation to participate in a subcommittee of choice
  • Implement and evaluate a new formal mentoring program of trainee/junior faculty that is geared towards recruitment and/or retention of junior transplant faculty within LICOP and AST
  • Post monthly minutes from LICOP EC meetings on the Hub