Survey Dissemination Policy

The Society often receives requests to disseminate surveys to AST members. This document is meant to serve as a guide to AST committees, communities of practice, advisory councils, working groups, or similar (hereafter referred to as “Committee(s)”) who seek to disseminate a survey to the membership. This policy is meant to facilitate fair and objective handling of requests.

Surveys will be shared with members via the weekly e-news and/or a link on the AST website that takes the member to the survey website. Surveys will not be circulated to the full membership via e-mail.

Results of a survey may not be recognized as a response on behalf of the Society on any specific topic.

Surveying the Full AST Membership

  • Any proposed survey of the full membership, including those surveys developed by Committees on behalf of the AST, will require the following before dissemination:
    • Review and recommendation from at least two Committees who support the need for surveying the full membership.
      • The chair of the Committee must submit written confirmation that the survey has been reviewed by its leadership (e.g. COP Executive Committee) and there is agreement that it warrants circulation to full membership.
    • Review and approval by the Board of Directors
  • External requests to survey AST membership will be considered only with approval from the Education Committee. External surveys must be in line with and advance the strategic goals of the Society. If approved, review and sponsorship will be required as outlined above.
  • Timing of survey release is at the discretion of the Board to prevent or reduce the release of multiple member requests at any given time.

Surveying Individual Committees

  • Any proposed survey of a Committee must first be reviewed and approved by the Committee’s executive leadership as an appropriate use of Committee member time and resources.
  • National office staff may be consulted regarding potential conflicts in timing of release with other member requests before survey release.


Approved by the AST Board of Directors: February 2016

Revised: June 2016