Research Grant Opportunities

AST awards annual career development grants for young investigators, In addition, we put a call for directed grants when warranted.

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Career Development Grants

The purpose of these grants is to foster the training of early career investigators who have the potential to contribute to transplant science/immunobiology and/or treatment of transplant recipients. The grants encourage continued commitment of high-quality applicants to their careers in transplantation.

Grants are typically awarded in the amount of $50,000 a year for one or two years as budget allows. The number of grants we award per year is dependent on the amount of available funding.

The cycle for AST career development grants is:

• Submissions are accepted between August 1 and December 1 (New submission period beginning with 2020 grant cycle)
• Applicants are notified in the following March
• Research begins the next July

Applications are accepted in basic, clinical, and translational research. AST establishes research priorities for each category; however, we accept applications on any research topic that relates to solid organ transplantation.

Fellowship Research Grants

The fellowship grant is for applicants who have spent two years or less performing research in transplantation and/or immunology since their last doctoral degree. Applicants must have a sponsor.

Carefully review the 2021 fellowship grant request for applications.


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Faculty Development Research Grants

The faculty development research grants are for early career investigators within the first five years of their first faculty appointment. The grant allows investigators to expand on preliminary findings that will become the basis for individual research or career development awards.

Carefully review the 2021 faculty development grant request for applications.


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Access the online application.


Directed Grants

AST sometimes receives requests from our partners to collaborate to offer directed grants. These grants are focused on specifically defined areas of research. The applicant, terms, and funding are at the discretion of the partner. When directed grants are open, we provide details on our website, in our e-newsletter, via e-mail, and in our social media.

Awarded: AST and CareDx Research Grants on Genomic Biomarkers and Artificial Intelligence

View the 2020 CareDx/AST Research Network recipients

CareDx, Inc., in collaboration with the AST Research Network, was seeking proposals for the utility of donor-derived cell-free DNA (dd-cfDNA), gene expression profiling (GEP) and artificial intelligence (AI) in transplantation.

The grants will fund transplantation and immunology research that continues to build the evidence and utility of dd-cfDNA, peripheral blood and urine GEP, as well as a project associated around bioinformatics and AI.

The total commitment to research on this important topic is $250,000:

  • Two independent investigator-level grants at $50,000 a year for two years, total of $100,000 per grant
  • One fellowship-level grant at $50,000 a year for one year, total of $50,000