Infectious Disease Community of Practice (IDCOP)

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2024-2025 Executive Committee

Chair: Ricardo La Hoz (2026)
Co-Chair: Fernanda Silveira (2026)
Past Chair: Aruna Subramanian (2026)
Board Liaison: Raymund Razonable (2025)
Madeleine Heldman (2025)
Julie Steinbrink (2025)
Marcus Pereira (2025)
Courtney Harris (2026)
Rosy Priya Kodiyanplakkal (2026)
Early Career Member-at-Large: Emily Eichenberger (2025)

Staff Liaison: Victoria Marino (

Mission Statement (revised March 2022)

The mission of the AST ID COP is to lead the Transplant Infectious Diseases community by fostering academic collaboration, developing clinical guidance and educational materials, promoting diversity and inclusion in the field, and mentoring the future leaders in transplantation.

2023-2024 Activities

  • Continue to develop journal club to engage members in developments in pediatric transplant ID.
  • Develop guidelines to enhance safety of clinical xenotransplantation.
  • Define educational needs in TID.
  • Define the Current Landscape of TID Fellowships/Education.
  • Coordinate public comment on OPTN proposals.
  • Measure utility of
  • Create initial draft of standardized handouts in English.
  • Use social media to educate, promote, and engage the transplant infectious diseases workforce.
  • Complete research/project on Cardiac Device Infections due to MDR GNR.
  • Complete research/project on Cardiac Device Infections due to MRSA.
  • Describe real-world experience on maribavir use for resistant/refractory CMV infection.
  • Describe risk factors and outcomes of Candida auris infections in solid organ transplant donors and transplant candidates.
  • Understand immunization practices and barriers to immunization across transplant programs.
  • Organ Offer Process Survey (OOPS): Survey of Transplant ID professionals to better understand approaches to and management of challenging organ offers. This is a hypothetical case-based survey.
  • Conduct studies investigating frailty and infections in organ transplant recipients.
  • Finalize post work of IDCOP Controversies Conference.
  • Transplant ID dyads of mentors and mentees to complete a year long program. The goals of this activity include (but are not limited to): 
    • Provide support for early career members and members in smaller programs to build their transplant ID programs/services.
    • Provide networking opportunities for mentees.
    • Provide academic, educational and research guidance and opportunities when possible.
  • Offer travel grants for ATC 2024.