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Infectious Disease Community of Practice (IDCOP)

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2017-2018 Executive Committee

Staff Liaison: Brian Valeria (

Chair: Shirish Huprikar (2018)
Co-Chair: Lara Danziger-Isakov (2018)
Past Chair: Camille Kotton (2018)
Board Liaison: Deepali Kumar (2018)
Ricardo M. La Hoz (2018)
Nicole Theodoropoulos (2018)
Jonathan Hand (2019)
Trainee: Judith Anesi (2018)

2017-2018 Initiatives

  • Poster walks at ATC 2017 to highlight IDCOP projects and work of members and trainees
  • Complete the CRE SOT project manuscripts
  • Complete the MDR Pseudomonas lung transplant manuscript
  • Complete site recruitment and data collection for the daptomycin non-susceptible VRE SOT project
  • Initiate the MDR LVAD infection project
  • Complete HIV thoracic transplant project
  • Complete HIV kidney transplant project
  • Submit the SOT and marijuana survey manuscript after completing revisions suggested by AST Board
  • EBV Journal Club has been scheduled for May 2017
  • Will recommend webinar proposal for second half of 2017
  • Submit proposal to AST Board for the 4th edition of the AST ID Guidelines for publication in AJT
  • Submit consensus conference proposal for a multidisciplinary SOT antimicrobial stewardship task force
  • Continue to develop website resources for COP membership including article of the month and new research and educational project page
  • Continue to nominate members for AST Board, ID COP EC, and other leadership positions and awards on an annual basis
  • Network and collaboration will be encouraged via website and at the annual joint AST-IDSA reception at IDWeek 2017
  • A structured process for submitting initiative and workgroup/committee proposals will be finalized
  • Joint reception at ID Week 2017 will be a vehicle to recruit COP and AST membership
  • Chair will resume quarterly updates to COP membership
  • Chair will continue to provide regular updates to the Board