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2017-2018 Executive Committee

Staff Liaison: Anne Kreiss (

Chair: Maria-Luisa Alegre (2018)
Co-Chair: David Rothstein (2018)
Past Chair: Mandy Ford (2018)
Board Liaison: Ronald Gill (2018)
Jamil Azzi (2018)
Giorgio Raimondi (2018)
William Burlingham (2019)
Peter Heeger (2019)
Megan Levings (2019)
Trainee: Lauren Higdon (2018)

2017-2018 Initiatives

  • Continue organizing quarterly journal clubs
  • Continue Outstanding Questions in Transplantation initiative to use as discussion forum by COBS and AST community-at-large to inform future research
  • Plan BeST18 meeting
  • Submit proposals for basic science symposia for ATC 2018
  • Submit proposal for AST-sponsored symposium at AAI 2018
  • Submit proposal for AST-sponsored symposium at ESOT/TTS basic science symposium in Europe in 2018
  • Plan BeST19 
  • Evaluate whether transplantation grants have been progressively disadvantaged over NCI grants in TTT study section
  • Continue the online repository of experimental protocols and historical transplant papers on the COBS website
  • Nominate COBS members for the board and leadership positions at COBS
  • Continue informal gatherings of COBS members at AAI, ASN, and FOCIS
  • Continue encouraging members to suggest initiatives and ideas through the quarterly blog
  • Encourage basic transplant scientists to become AST members
  • Continue to send updates with COBS initiatives and accomplishments