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2016-2017 Executive Committee

Staff Liaison: Anne Kreiss (

Chair: Maria-Luisa Alegre
Co-Chair: David Rothstein
Past Chair: Mandy Ford
Board Liaison: Ronald Gill
Jamil Azzi
Xunrong Luo
Valeria Mas
Jordan Pober
Giorgio Raimondi
Trainee: David Mathews

2016-2017 Initiatives

  • Partner on organizing the AST/ESOT Basic Science Symposium to be held in Florida in late fall 2016 and write a summary of this meeting for AJT
  • Begin organizing next basic science meeting with TTS, ESOT, and AST if approved
  • Submit program for AST's sponsored symposium at AAI
  • Review and revise mission statement from 2014 as needed
  • Survey educational needs via the COBS hub site and the ESOT/AST joint basic science meeting
  • Continue online repositiory of experimental protocols and historical transplant papers on COBS hub site
  • Nominate COBS members for board and leadership positions within the COP
  • Continue informal gatherings of members at AAI, ASN, and FOCIS
  • Encourage suggestions for new initiatives and ideas from COBS membership
  • Encourage basic transplant scientists to become AST members
  • Provide regular updates to members regarding initiatives and other accomplishments
  • Provide basic science content and speakers for the AST Comprehensive Trainee Curriculum