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2017-2018 Executive Committee

Staff Liaison: Brian Valeria (

Chair: Didier Mandelbrot (2018)
Co-Chair: Christie Thomas (2018)
Past Chair: Rebecca Hays (2018)
Board Liaison: Deborah Adey (2018)
Vineeta Kumar (2018)
Daniel Maluf (2018)
Krista Lentine (2019)
Heidi Schaefer (2019)
Amy Waterman (2019)

2017-2018 Initiatives

  • New workgroups formed
    • Living donor mortality – includes 2 COP members outside the EC
    • Living donor finances – includes 2 COP members outside the EC
    • Website - includes 2 COP members outside the EC
  • Plan ATC Program Proposals
  • Plan to complete the Spanish versions of financial toolkits, complete the patient-level and Spanish versions of the medical toolkits, and post all to the new website
  • Both the Mortality Workgroup and Finances Workgroup are planning publishable products
  • Additional journal clubs are being planned
  • Continue to post completed webinars, toolkits, and discussions
  • Monthly schedule of website workgroup and EC members will continue to stimulate discussion on the Hub
  • Continue the quarterly newsletter