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2017-2018 Executive Committee

Chair: Didier Mandelbrot (2018)
Co-Chair: Christie Thomas (2018)
Past Chair: Rebecca Hays (2018)
Board Liaison: Deborah Adey (2018)
Vineeta Kumar (2018)
Daniel Maluf (2018)
Krista Lentine (2019)
Heidi Schaefer (2019)
Amy Waterman (2019)

Staff Liaison: Brian Valeria (


2017-2018 Initiatives

  • New workgroups formed
    • Living donor mortality – includes 2 COP members outside the EC
    • Living donor finances – includes 2 COP members outside the EC
    • Website - includes 2 COP members outside the EC
  • Plan ATC Program Proposals
  • Plan to complete the Spanish versions of financial toolkits, complete the patient-level and Spanish versions of the medical toolkits, and post all to the new website
  • Both the Mortality Workgroup and Finances Workgroup are planning publishable products
  • Additional journal clubs are being planned
  • Continue to post completed webinars, toolkits, and discussions
  • Monthly schedule of website workgroup and EC members will continue to stimulate discussion on the Hub
  • Continue the quarterly newsletter

The LDCOP is committed to providing quality educational resources for both professionals and patients. Please visit the "LDCOP Educational Resources" page to learn more about the LDCOP's toolkits, webinars, educational resources, and ongoing work groups.