Cutting Edge of Transplantation 2017

CEOT is born…
As the organ shortage has become more severe, ideal requirements for selection of organ donors are far from feasible. Organs that previously would have been considered unsuitable for transplantation, are, with advances in technology, now being used. This new class of organ donor, the “marginal” donor, may include older donors, those with chronic disease, or in selected cases those with infectious diseases. CEOT approaches the topic of marginal organs to increase the organ pool by reviewing administrative strategies to encourage centers to use marginal organs, sharing best practices to safely use marginal organs, and exploring interventions in the deceased organ donor to improve organ quality as well as optimal strategies to repair organs ex-vivo.

What is CEOT?
CEOT, or the Cutting Edge of Transplantation, is an intimate scientific meeting for discussion and debate about how to improve the longevity of transplanted organs.

Who should attend?
If you are a healthcare professionals (physicians, surgeons, pharmacists, nurses, and others) and researchers working in the field of transplantation, then CEOT is a must-attend event for you. Designed by your own colleagues, this conference is specifically created to fit your educational needs.  This meeting is being offered for up to 21.0 credits/contact hours. (See general information tab for more detail.)

What will be discussed at CEOT?
CEOT features experts that you recognize covering the latest and most prevalent topics in the transplantation field. Some examples include but are not limited to:

  • Donor Specific Antibodies: Too much faith in beads?
  • Graft Failure: Avoidable, modifiable or inevitable?
  • Tolerance: around the corner or always will be?
  • Enhancing the therapeutic pipeline: Achievable goal or pipe dream?