Abstracts & Cases




Abstracts and case reports will be presented in poster format during the Welcome Reception. 

Abstract and case report presenters must register on their own and cover all of their own travel costs. 

The deadline to submit your abstract and case reports is December 31.

Abstract Categories:

  • The Promise of Expanding Technology in Transplantation

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Therapeutics and Diagnostics

  • Telemedicine and Remote Patient Monitoring

  • Organ Optimization and Replacement Technologies

  • Informatics and Decision Support Systems

  • Technology Innovations in Transplantation: Ethical, Legal, and Social Challenges

Poster Display Guidelines:

  • Each poster board measures 4’ high (48 in) and 8’ wide (96 in). The CEoT 2024 recommended poster size is 3.5 feet high x 5 feet wide (42" x 60").

  • Format of poster is LANDSCAPE.

  • The abstract title and author(s) must be placed at the top of the board

  • Remember that illustrations, charts, tables, lettering, and drawings must be readable from distances of three feet or more.

  • Keep the poster simple and clear with heavy lines and effective use of color.

Young Innovator Award Travel Grants:
AST will award a limited number of Young Innovator Award (YIA) travel grants to the highest scoring abstracts and case reports submitted by emerging professionals in transplantation. If awarded a YIA travel grant, the recipient must register for and attend the Cutting Edge of Transplantation and present the abstract or case. The Planning Committee will award travel grants in the amount of $500 each.